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Does getting a lot of sleep help acne?

Sleep affects most, if not all, the causes that lead to acne! If you get more, better sleep, then it can help relieve acne! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Altha Reply:

    According to, not getting enough quality sleep can Using cotton rounds to apply the cleanser on your face will make for a very Source:

  2. Mai Reply:

    What sleeping late and bio rhythms have to do with acne? to bed and waking up early may not be enough to get you clear, but it definitely helps with acne. and yeah,of course sleep late + do assignment + think lot to produce good result.

  3. Tyisha Reply:

    Talk to your physician about the problems that you are having. Be sure that you give details, including how often your sleep is interrupted and how much it’s impacting your health and daily life. Your doctor will likely have some suggestion… Source:

  4. Minta Reply:

    Just about everyone has had bouts with acne and has tried products to help clear the skin. Some of these treatments are effective, some of them are not. Acne is an infection of a gland in the skin that releases sebum, which is a lipid that … Source:

  5. Latrina Reply:

    Cutting the amount of sleep you get can cause many ill effects on your health and well-being. According to, not getting enough quality sleep can aggravate acne by increasing inflammation of the skin. It can lead to… Source:

  6. Alisa Reply:

    Can I sleep in the car with a camper shell. I am unemployed and c I own on a privately sleep in a motel park owned parking lot … I own a pickup and lot? I own a pickup truck

  7. Petrina Reply:

    When u were sick u probably didnt eat much!! So that probably cleared up ur face!!diet does affect acne!!i have it i would know!!As for sleeping alot, i dont see how it can be bad for ur health!!

  8. Gaynell Reply:

    Stress can cause acne , get a lot of sleep and eat the right foods, potatoes are What microbe causes sleeping sickness? How does corn help your body?

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