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Does skinID work for acne?

Skin iD works because it uses the power of personalization to create an acne solution that matches your individual needs! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Raguel Reply:

    Neutrogena skiniD is a skin care system personalized to treat specific types of acne. Just like with any acne treatments, this product may work great for certain Source:

  2. Wesley Reply:

    even when u do the test online. it still wont work on everybody, i suggest clean clear. they have the best wash. nd the acne remover works in 1 night. and i ve tried many brands before. nutrogena dsnt really work that well,. nd acne wash do

  3. Christina Reply:

    I’ve never used it, but from what I can see from commercials and their website it’s seems like it would work well. I mean, after all, it is made for your specific acne. If you don’t like it, I’m sure they have something like a 30 day money-… Source:

  4. Hilaria Reply:

    Reviews on SkinID by Neutrogena are not the best. It seems to be a bit drying to the skin, and like other drug store products. Source:

  5. Alexa Reply:

    SkinID costs 2 payments of $19.95 so a total of $39.90 plus shipping for the TV offer. Source:

  6. Marla Reply:

    i wanna buy it but does it work? did it work 4 u?

  7. Sade Reply:

    To a certain extent! There is no quick fix for acne! Your doctor may recommend some prescription medication! Keep your face very clean! Drink plenty of water! Eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep! Try to reduce the stress in your life! Probably the most useful and effective things you can do are to apply hot compresses to pustules and cysts and never to pick or squeeze pimples! Playing with or popping pimples, no matter how careful and clean you are, nearly always makes bumps stay redder and bumpier longer! Here are a few informative links with additional home treatment ideas!http://www!medicinenet!com/acne/article!htmhttp://www!acne!com/cause_effects/causes_acne!phphttp://www!acnerecovery!com/acne-information/causes-of-acne!html

  8. Letisha Reply:

    Think about it – acne can not be treated in two – three weeks. The antibiotics can only be used no longer than 2 -3 weeks therefore Does skin ID work?

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