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Does toothpaste help with acne?

Toothpaste (white, not whitening) helps with acne when dabbed on a pimple! It dehydrates the pimple and absorbs the oil! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bernardine Reply:

    Does Toothpaste Help Treat Acne?. What happens when you have a pimple but no spot treatment to zap it with? For many years, people have sworn by using Source:

  2. Dalene Reply:

    Toothpaste is said to have a cooling effect that dries pimples and absorbs the oil. However, it is not advisable to use because it can cause irritation to the skin.

  3. Wenona Reply:

    Toothpaste contains ingredients like titanium dioxide that may help dry out pimples, as well as exfoliate the skin. Source:

  4. Rudy Reply:

    Toothpaste can be used to rid your face of acne because it dries out pimples, thanks to the mint ingredients in the base formula of many popular brands. Source:

  5. Tawanda Reply:

    Although more acne sufferers are teenagers, adults are affected too. In fact, many adults have breakouts well beyond the age of 30. The toothpaste cure, although unusual, is supposed to be an effective treatment. Source:

  6. Gianna Reply:

    Does toothpaste clears up acne, how long do you usually avoid whitening type of toothpaste apply the toothpaste? also, i read that try to . but the only brand i have is Crest

  7. Gilberte Reply:

    Companies use glyercine as it is cheap and safe to use!

  8. Ora Reply:

    [Because toothpaste contains a substace that gets rid of pimples (acne)] Tips/ Warnings: Make sure its the paste kind Does Toothpaste help pimples?

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