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Does zinc vitamins help clear acne?

Many medical experts believe that zinc supplements are an effective aid in ridding acne! There have been many clinical studies completed on this subject and health professionals now are saying that taking zinc supplements may be a tool in fighting acne! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Crysta Reply:

    Acne can be a problem for anyone, but it most often serves as a plague to teens in diet and a few supplements can help clear up and prevent pimples. Foods that can help treat acne contain zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Source:

  2. Caroline Reply:

    Clear up my inflammation acne! After long term use you can become copper deficient Zinc supplements haven’t helped with acne breakouts anywhere else on my face, but I think it’s extremely I wish they had thought to checked my blood for how deficient I was in minerals and vitamins, instead of put me a thousand

  3. Tisha Reply:

    Actually all vitamins are good for you but the ones that help acne the most are vitamins C, D, and E. Source:

  4. Adaline Reply:

    Very large doses of Vtiamin A (300,000 to 500,000 IU a day) have successfully been used to treat severe acne. Did not find one that starts with T. Source:

  5. Katelynn Reply:

    With more acne medications hitting the market, some people have begun paying exuberant amounts of money to treat their acne. Some medications cost hundreds of dollars per month, so these treatments can be out of many people’s price range. F… Source:

  6. Kyong Reply:

    should i use centrum silver from a to zinc to help my acne canthis make me breakout.there just vitamins right? there is vitamin c, d e k. thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitami

  7. Stacie Reply:

    Yes, Zinc is great for skin! its also used in creams to help prevent outbreaks and clear up conditions, as well as sun screen!You should only take whats prescribed because your body can only metabolize a certain amount so taking more than directed will only waste your money! Thats with all vitamins by the way! A glass (your body) can only hold so much, then the rest just pours out (comes out in your urine)

  8. Mara Reply:

    You can help improve your acne by washing your face every time you feel its oily or that contains Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and all the B Vitamins.

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