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How can I naturally get rid of acne scars?

Scars are hard to get rid of without medical treatment! Creams containing cocoa butter and vitamin E help keep skin healthy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Harriet Reply:

    How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally and Effectivly. Often acne is bad enough, but for some the scars that acne leaves behind can become a lifetime of painful Source:

  2. Tobie Reply:

    Here are some of the Home Remedies to get rid of pimple scars : 1. Tomato, which has vitamin A. Vitamin A, controls the production of excess sebum and also an excellent antioxidant. Slice tomato and apply slices directly to skin. 2. Your sk

  3. Maybell Reply:

    Acne scars can be a more traumatizing problem than acne, mainly because it can be a much harder problem to heal. If you have chronic acne scarring. it may be best to first see a doctor or plastic surgeon. There are numerous procedures that … Source:

  4. Sun Reply:

    Having acne can be stressful. When the acne has cleared up, some people are left with scarring. There are many products and procedures available on the market for the acne scar removal. Using a natural method to get rid of acne scars is not… Source:

  5. Tuyet Reply:

    Lemon juice has proven very effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars. The juice in lemons work as a bleaching agent to lighten darkened skin, such as freckles, age spots and acne scars. Apply the juice of a fresh lemon to the scar… Source:

  6. Jeffie Reply:

    How can I get rid of acne / acne scars naturally without using and I was wondering what any products? I’ve had acne/pimples for a few years now can I do to stop getting pimple

  7. Ming Reply:

    vitamin E will work very very wellfollow these steps* Buy vitamin E in oil or capsule form! If you choose capsule form, you will need a sterile pin as well as the capsule, to poke the capsule and expel some of th vitamin E oil!* Clean the scar or wound area very carefully! Vitamin E is not antibacterial or anti-fungal! If fungus or bacteria is on the area where the scar or wound is located, unless you clean it properly, the vitamin E oil may trap the bacteria and provide fertile breeding grounds for an infection!* Expel some oil onto a cotton swab! If you use the vitamin E capsule, poke the outer shell of the capsule and squeeze the oil onto the cotton swab! Be careful not to touch the oil directly with your hands, or to spill the oil on clothing or upholstery!* Dab the vitamin E oil on the scar or wound! Lightly coat the area with the vitamin E oil! Do not rub the oil in; you want to dab carefully!* Cover the area with a light layer of gauze if you are concerned about the vitamin E oil getting on fabric, in eyes, or on upholstery! Do not use a bandage over the vitamin E oil; this can trap bacteria or fungus as well!

  8. Brigitte Reply:

    Repeating this natural treatment regularly is one of the best treatments known to get rid of acne scars as rapidly as possible. Take advantage of natural home

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