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How long does it take for back acne to go away?

For milder versions of back or body acne a topical 10 percent benzoyl peroxide cream or gel may suffice! Simply dab the cream on the acne at night and let it dry before you put on clothing! Severe acne, including cysts, should be treated by a dermatologist! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Suzan Reply:

    Since scar tissue has formed, it can take a while to completely make acne scars go away. But with diligent treatment, you can significantly improve their Source:

  2. Taren Reply:

    Bottom line, In my opinion it does work it just takes what seems like FOREVER to see results. Hopefully you don’t have to be on mino for as long as i have though. Also acne will go away once youre 25 so dont worry too much about Im now back on it and i’ve been taking it with the full glass of water at

  3. Jon Reply:

    Acne scars can seriously mar a face. While acne shouldn’t normally cause scars, it can lead to scarring if it is picked and prodded. To avoid acne scars, you should never squeeze or pick at acne. If you do so, you will break and damage the … Source:

  4. Alyssa Reply:

    Although acne appears only on the surface of the skin, its damage is more than skin deep. According to USA Today, 50% of adolescents with persistent acne experience social anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, affecting their ability to … Source:

  5. Shaun Reply:

    Acne can go away once you become a full adult. However, sometimes acne still does not go away and you will need to use acne treatment daily. Source:

  6. Verna Reply:

    How long will this back acne. I am 19 and have last? I am seeking advice from or someone else with the an MP or clinical nurse exact same circumstances as me never really had

  7. Allyson Reply:

    I had severe acne on my face! But then I use is Clinical Super Serum and the condition soon improved! The best thing about the serum is that it also fades post-acne marks and scars on the face! Im still using it and the spots on my face are gradually fading away! The worst thing about acne is the scars and the marks it leaves behind! Some of the scars tend to disappear with time but some are so grave that it can be disfiguring which may make our heart sink! The post acne marks is the hyper pigmented or red marks and is called as the post inflammatory marks! These marks take at least 6-12 months to completely disappear! When these marks last longer than a year then it turns into a scar! A number of things could be done to reduce the redness and to quicken its pace to disappear! There are also a number of home remedies available! Following are some of them!

  8. Tamala Reply:

    How long does it take for acne to go away after using toothpaste? Depends on how much oil i believe But you my friend just did something bad for your skin Yes

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