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How long does it take for minocycline to work?

It will take 3 to 6 weeks to see results from using Minocycline for acne! Have another question?? on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Luci Reply:

    How Do Birth Control Pills Work? While few significant or long-term studies have been conducted on this topic, those that have been suggest Can You Take Birth Control Pills While Breastfeeding? Does Minocycline Affect Birth Control? Source:

  2. Pok Reply:

    I took that for a while in conjunction with topical treatments and it didn’t give me the results I was looking for. After a while of trying that I was put on Accutane and it worked great for me (though that’s usually the last resort if othe

  3. Wai Reply:

    n trade names: Dyancin, Minocin; drug class: tetracycline antiinfective; action: inhibits protein synthesis, phosphorylation in microorganisms by binding 30S ribosomal subunits, reversibly binding to 50S ribosomal subunits; bacteriostatic; … Source:

  4. Celestine Reply:

    The drug minocycline is an antibiotic. It is used to fight infection most often due to acne and or skin infections. It does have other uses, but dermatologists use it often to treat a wide variety of acne problems. Source:

  5. Felicia Reply:

    Minocycline is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. It is primarily used to treat infections brought about by chlamydia, tick fever, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, and severe acne. Look here for more information: http://w… Source:

  6. Birgit Reply:

    I was prescribed clindamycin, benezyl peroxide & minocycline does it work and how long? r side effects risky? I have moderately severe acne. i am nervous about the prescriptti

  7. Willow Reply:

    its been about a week for me too, and i can see a difference but not much yet, my doc said that the best results will be in two months! Good things dont work over night but over time! Im also on Retin A and Duac and its starting to work i know it will be worth my time/money!

  8. Zada Reply:

    I am on minocycline right now, i have been on it for 1 month and my acne was improving How long does it take for acne pads to work and do they really work ?

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