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What does garlic do to your body?

It can help your hair grow faster, it can also help with skin irriataion including acne, and it contains allicin an antibiotic! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bernardina Reply:

    Yet many people don't realize that garlic can be used as a hair treatment as well. Garlic also infuses hair with extra body, shine and smoothness, creating a fuller Do this about an hour before bed; then just before going to bed, cover your Source:

  2. Lurline Reply:

    it is good for your blood

  3. Leigha Reply:

    We have all experienced the lasting effects of garlic on our breath and hands–an odor that frequently outlasts soap, gum and toothpaste. Learn how to help rid your body of this pungent smell and enjoy that next garlicky dish worry-free. Source:

  4. Daryl Reply:

    Garlic consumption has many health benefits, including helping with acne, lowering cholesterol, boosting the immune system and acting as a natural antibiotic. People consume garlic because of the health benefits or because they like the way… Source:

  5. Malia Reply:

    Garlic paste is known throughout the world, especially in Asia, for its abilities to stop or drastically reduce pain. If you’re still using your garlic paste for dinner, consider buying a new bottle to help stop your joint pain. Source:

  6. Codi Reply:

    drink it with a glass of water do i still get the same effect? And if yes, how many cloves a day?

  7. Coretta Reply:

    Ive heard that once you seriously detox, would you still smell from the garlic?? My understanding was the garlic is helping to push out toxins and that was what made you smell, not the garlic itself! Some home remedies are drinking lemon water the next day and using parsley while cooking with garlic to remove the odor from offending you or others later!!! Hope that helps!! not sure how long it will take but I would think it varies upon individuals! Good Luck and keep eating that good for you Garlic!

  8. Rosalind Reply:

    Eating too much garlic to ward away the vampires. What does it mean when there is a garlic smell coming from your body? it means you didn't take a shower. Do

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