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Why do I break out around my mouth?

Assuming you are female, and on birth control, birth control can cause acne breakouts around the mouth and jawline! Consult a Dr! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ruth Reply:

    Food allergies can cause acne around the mouth and chin. (While technically speaking, it’s not a true allergy but more of a sensitivity.) For me, peanut products cause cystic acne near the corners of my mouth.

  2. Carli Reply:

    Well my name is Michelle and I am going to explain to you on how you can avoid and I was all stressed out, my mouth would break out in horrible canker sores. around; sometimes you might leave and the next day you get a canker sore. Source:

  3. Taryn Reply:

    What is causing the break out around my mouth? (Picture Are there any remedies I can use? If you copy and paste this in to your browser you can see it –

  4. Shaina Reply:

    Teenage or adult acne can cause breakouts around the mouth area. Also, dry winter weather can cause drying and irritation. Source:

  5. Shan Reply:

    One of the first visible signs of aging appears around the mouth: those faint, curving lines that resemble parentheses. The causes of these lines range from exposure to the sun and harsh elements of weather and pollution, as well as smoking… Source:

  6. Dorethea Reply:

    Wrinkles form as skin loses its collagen and elastin, causing it to sag. Environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking and pollution can lead to premature aging. Facial movements and expressions such as smiling, frowning, puckering or… Source:

  7. Shandi Reply:

    I always break out around my go away and then i mouth, help? okay well i dont break do i’ll get like one pimple around out often but whenever i my mouth and it will’ll like ge

  8. Dierdre Reply:

    It could just be because whenever you cry, you probably touch your face to wipe your tears! Also, if you are crying because of something tragic or stressful, you could be getting acne because of your hormones going wild when you are crying! It could just be a coincidence that the area they appear is around your mouth!

  9. Velia Reply:

    I had my teeth out 3 days ago and i still havent eatin anything. the last 72 hoursi have . get the food to move around, just find a away and ucan eat, although, it can cause further I am swollen and can't move my mouth a whole lot, but the pain hasn't been very bad– I . Hearing your teeth break is kinda awkward as well.

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