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Does drinking alcohol make your eyes red?

Yes, as the alcohol is processed by your liver, it can produce bloodshot eyes, pounding headaches, and flushed cheeks! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Estefana Reply:

    Alcohol can turn your cheeks red when you drink. Red cheeks can make Why Do My Eyes Get Red When I Wear Contact Lenses? When your eyes are red, Source:

  2. Siobhan Reply:

    When I’m a bit drunk, my eyes will go really red and it makes me look a mess. Only by reducing the alcohol content of your drinks can you prevent this, the

  3. Marguerita Reply:

    Alcohol temporarily dilates the small blood vessels on the surface of your eyes, making them look red. Thanks! Source:

  4. Azzie Reply:

    Alcohol can turn your cheeks red when you drink. Red cheeks can make you look like you have consumed more than you actually have. Source:

  5. Joni Reply:

    Many people are prone to turning red after consuming alcohol. This is alcohol flush reaction and it occurs when your body is not able to completely break down the alcohol that you consumed. You can try a few things to prevent this reaction … Source:

  6. Vickey Reply:

    is it possible to get red dry blotchy patches all over especially red wine…? i have always had pretty the face from drinking alcohol good skin until i hit my 30 s. Hormones

  7. Katerine Reply:

    Lol, thats nice!

  8. Katherina Reply:

    yes it can i get red glossy eyes whe i drink alcohol. im not sure why or what it means when that happensid Will drinking alcohol cause your eyes to dilate?

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