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How can you tell you are an alcoholic?

Alcoholism is defined by a compulsion to drink, irritability if you can’t get alcohol, and withdrawal symptoms (nausea, shaking)! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marilyn Reply:

    How to Tell if You Are an Alcoholic. Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are two different conditions that often manifest themselves in similar ways. Alcohol Source:

  2. Albertina Reply:

    A simple how to tell if you are an alcoholic, from your Guide.

  3. Charisse Reply:

    Alcoholism is a chronic disorder characterized by persistent, excessive and uncontrollable use of alcohol, resulting to mental and physical dependence. Many people suffering from alcoholism are unaware that they have a drinking problem. Wha… Source:

  4. Sherlyn Reply:

    Alcoholism is a serious and life threatening disease. Many people who drink are not alcoholics, but for others drinking causes serious problems in one or many areas of their lives. If you suspect you have a drinking problem, follow the thes… Source:

  5. Karol Reply:

    There are some tell tale signs that a person is an alcoholic. If they always need alcohol, if they wake up needing it, or even feel that they can’t go on throughout the day without a drink, they may be an alcoholic. If you think someone is,… Source:

  6. Monnie Reply:

    I like unsweetened iced tea or Starbuck’s iced caramel macciata with whipped cream, laughing, okay that’s my lunch every day.

  7. Mitchell Reply:

    Look, I used to be that person! There was a point in my life where things from my past etc! were bothering me so bad that my only hope was to get drunk everynight in hopes of escaping reality! I met my current bf during all this! At first, he didnt know what to think of me -on one hand I was fun, and I worked hard, and I paid bills for him, and I watched football and did everything the guys did! And then on the other hand, I could turn into a monster really fast!I understand your urgency, because I think that finally hit him too! But there was one factor that probably saved me and saved my relationship -and that was the fact that I wanted to quit, but I just needed a little help! Controlling alcoholism isnt easy, because a lot of people dont understand that it isnt just an addiction -its a disease that you live with! A disease that can make you physically ill, emotional, and its not that hes bi-polar (even though it probably seems that way) its that the come down will effect him differently everytime!The point is, in order for you to be happy, you realize that you dont want to be with a drunk! But the ultimatum is something that he cant reach just because you tell him this is it! Its better you dont give one at all than to make him think If I quit, then shell be with me because that will only work for so long! You cant tell someone Ill reconsider if you go to AA because yeah, they can go to AA but AA isnt magic and one or two meetings isnt going to stop his drinking! Better to just walk away and tell him why! Just tell him you dont want to be with someone who cant be sober, that his behaviour and drinking are out of control and you dont have to handle it anymore! Thats what mine said to me, but I was already on that wagon, he just needed to give me a boost to keep me on it! But I promise you, saying that to him WILL make a difference, even if its somewhere down the road because all alcoholics go through this realization that their drinking has destroyed different areas in their life at one time or another -their job, their money, their relationships, their freedom, their health, and so on! And when they start thinking about how alcohol has caused them to lose this or that, its usually when they decide that they want to change! Good Luck and if you need any more advice from someone whos been there -you can send me a message!

  8. Lea Reply:

    How will you know if you are an alcoholic? When you cannot control your drinking, when you know you have had enough and still drink. You drink in the AM

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