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How many beers can the average person drink before they are drunk?

Alcohol affects individuals differently! Your blood alcohol level is affected by your age, weight, gender, time of day, ‘!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ardith Reply:

    It is common knowledge that after a long night of drinking, activities such as The average person's body breaks down alcohol at a rate of 20 to 30mg/dL per hour. Since they do not measure blood alcohol content directly, breathalyzers are Many times a drinking game is just about getting drunk as fast as possible, and Source:

  2. Olivia Reply:

    A good rule of thumb is three servings of alcohol in rapid succession you are most likely over the legal limit. There is no exact answer to determine how much you have to drink to reach the legal limit for driving. However, there is a way t

  3. Chi Reply:

    Alcohol effects everyone differently. 3-4 beers one after the other will make someone very tipsy more will make you drunk. Source:

  4. Deidre Reply:

    it takes me abt five? Source:

  5. Belinda Reply:

    That depends on the persons gender, their weight, their hydration, and the percent of alcohol in the beer. There are many factors! Source:

  6. Francene Reply:

    I am 380 bounds. 7 foot 2and white

  7. Jordan Reply:

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  8. Shakia Reply:

    How drinks can a person have before they get drunk? Improve Answer it! How many drinks must a average person drink to get to .398 blood alcohol level?

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