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How many people are diagnosed with alcoholism a year?

Nearly 14 million Americans meet diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorders! More than 18% of Americans have alcohol abuse! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Simone Reply:

    Alcoholism is a factor in many domestic violence cases and excessive drinking can lead This Season: Tailgating · New Year, New You · Tax Time There are a few important steps that you can take to diagnose whether you or someone Look at whether the person's drinking is affecting his life negatively in other ways. Source:

  2. Dede Reply:

    Read our list of alcoholism facts and learn the dangers of alcoholism. Alcoholism is much more prevalent than many people suspect. Statistics on alcoholics also tell us that alcoholism costs us about $60 billion each year, paying for things

  3. Alpha Reply:

    According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), over 7% of the American population meets the criteria for having an alcohol problem. Alcoholism is a factor in many domestic violence cases and excessive dri… Source:

  4. Pearline Reply:

    Dangerous alcohol consumption leads to a potentially life-threatening condition commonly called alcohol or ethanol poisoning. Victims need to receive immediate medical attention to allow a doctor to diagnose the severity of the illness. Source:

  5. Bernetta Reply:

    Fetal alcohol syndrome is diagnosed by at least two specific appearances of the head and face such as small head size, small eyes, short eye openings, underdevelopment of the upper lip, and flattened cheak bones. There is also usually delay… Source:

  6. Janett Reply:

    How many people each year are diagnosed with glaucoma and cataracts for an advertising project I each year? I need to know this am working on. I can’t seem to find any web sit

  7. Patria Reply:

    Dude, after reading (most) of that rant/novel my only advice would be to take care of yourself before you worry about the friggin army! You have some serious problems! And quit self-medicating with alcohol!!!! itll only make everything worse!

  8. Corie Reply:

    Since lupus is not an infectious disease there is no agency to which a diagnosis is reported. The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 16000 patients are

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