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Is alcoholism hereditary?

Children of alcohol-dependent parents run a higher risk of developing an alcohol problem than other children!There can be a certain hereditary tendency for getting alcohol problems! This goes even more for sons of dependent fathers than for daughters Any Suggestions here?


  1. Payal Reply:

    Here’s the thing about this. I’m nicely dlaanosgbie, but I’m very, very leery of pointing to specific diagnoses or events and saying, “This explains my ___________.” To take something I was sensitive about for a long time: I’m deeply klutzy. Walls wander into my path. I trip over perfectly flat sidewalks. Falling up steps with arms full of books? My specialty. I’m always the last out of a room because I have all the alacrity of TH White’s ants when it comes to managing more than one object at a time. With objects coming towards me, the whole experience is Heisinger: I can gauge speed or distance, but not both at the same time. (Velocity, well, that’s some advanced gauging.) I hear I’m a terrible and unsteerable dancer.My father used to call me “Grace”. I worked in government circles where some degree of smooth was important, and worked very hard at being passable. An astute friend pointed out a few years ago that my main problem is my inability to get out of my own way, figuratively and literally. I also spent a good long time being depressed and suicidal. And yet my awkwardness and the reactions it’s drawn have never been part of the depression. Why? Who knows? Maybe because…jeez, I don’t know. It just never felt like a deep personal failing. It’s just a Thing About Me. In another dlaanosgbie, or daignosed, person, though, it could feel devastating. Why? Again, I don’t think it’s possible to say cleanly. Or maybe at all.Perhaps the best rule of thumb across the board, when dealing with your children, is “Be kind, stay loose, try to notice who they are, and consider that there may be reasons for what they’re doing.”

  2. Roma Reply:

    A study conducted by the Alcoholism and Drug Addiction group of the University of Granada revealed that lack of endorphins, which is hereditary, marks a Source:

  3. Noella Reply:

    Children who have alcoholic parents are genetically predisposed to developing alcoholism. They have a greater chance of developing alcoholism if their parents are alcoholics.

  4. Darcel Reply:

    We looked up some titles in the Library Catalog and identified some circulating and Reference books for further study. The student was particularly interested in finding information on the role heredity plays in alcoholism. With this inform… Source:

  5. Shiela Reply:

    Kay, if your parent’s fathers were alcoholics then your parents, siblings and you could be affected in various ways. The effects of alcoholism on families are best defined by the characteristics of "adult children" of alcoholics. They are l… Source:

  6. Alison Reply:

    Is Alcoholism Hereditary? I come from a family of MANY alcoholics. My dad, his sister and father and and grandpa on my moms then there is my grandma side. I know that my siste

  7. Elfreda Reply:

    I dont know whether it is in the genes or the influence (nature vs nurture) but I think there is a powerful link between parents and their children regarding addiction!My dad was an alcoholic and smoker, my mother was the classic enabler and an addict in her own right (smoking)! My dads brother was an alcoholic, a workaholic, and a chain smoker! Two of HIS four children have problems with addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and yet their children do not! My two brothers and I all have nicotine addiction, and two of us have had a drinking problem!I grew up in a family where drugs and alcohol were freely available! Illegal ones not so much out in the open, but I have a lot of marijuana use among my cousins, and God knows what else, I know cocaine?? But cigarettes and alcohol, absolutely, and addictive compulsive behavior, depression, eating disorders, very much out in the open!Still, I think everyone is responsible for their own behavior!!!and another thing is that having addictions doesnt necessarily mean you are using! I just quit smoking after 18 years! But Im still chewing nicorette like a mad woman and I am far from in the clear with it! If I had children, I could teach them that just because I have weaknesses, doesnt mean I have to cave in to them!I ended up with addictions because despite the warnings of my parents, I ended up following them into trouble! Monkey see, monkey do! And maybe our family is genetically benefitted in its later generations by other people marrying in!!!who will ever know?? But the younger parents in my family tree dont seem to have a lot of irresponsible use of anything, they are social or non-drinkers, non-smokers! To be fair, I dont KNOW them very well! But they seem from a distance to be happy well adjusted families who, if there are addictions, they arent doing a whole lot of damage yet!Back to your question, I think alcoholism in the family in this day and age, seems to be a big indicator of addictive tendencies! You may not end up being an alcoholic but you probably have weaknesses or things about yourself that are hard to control!!!work, gambling, sex, drugs, shopping, adrenaline, or other high-risk behavior! Whether we learn this from growing up with alcoholics or whether it is genetic, is really hard to tell! One thing is for sure, that it is really hard to learn self-discipline from the role modeling of an active using parent! One of my mothers favorite phrases was I cant help it! Regarding anything!!!very quick to being defeated by her weaknesses! She died in Dec due to emphysema and heart disease! And I cant help it was part of her legacy! She was strong in many ways, including stopping smoking wayyy too late, but regarding her addiction she always took the victim stance!The chances of you becoming an alcoholic depend a lot on YOU, and I would say that booze is not the only thing you should be careful of! I was so avowed to NOT drinking in my younger years that I walked right into other OCDish tendencies!If you drink a lot now, I would cut back, or stop and find something else to do with your time, as well as monitoring yourself for other addictive tendencies like shopping, drug use, or leaning on anything excessively, and that means physically and emotionally! How do you deal with stress?? Do you have signs of addiction, or depression or anxiety?? (Anxiety in particular because it has been shown that a lot of alcoholics unknowingly self-medicate anxiety with alcohol!!!lowers inhibitions, etc) See how easy it is to disrupt your habits and routines! If your life is functional, you are physically healthy, and your relationships are good!!!then I would say you are living with whatever was taught to you or whatever is in your DNA!One thing you have going for you, unlike my parents who gave up their addictions wayyy too late in their lives!!!is that your dad has also taught you how to STOP drinking!

  8. Valeria Reply:

    What is relapse in alcoholism? Go to Relapse-Prevention-Treatment/Page1.html. Is vitiligo hereditary? Inheritance

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