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What are the long term effects of alcoholism?

It has been found that people addicted to drink are more prone to cancer! It could be cancer of the throat, liver, lips etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Natasha Reply:

    Long-Term Physical Effects of Alcohol. The long-term effects of alcohol on the human body are numerous. The brain, heart, lungs, liver, digestive system and Source:

  2. Terrell Reply:

    Mouth and oesophagus. As everybody knows that cancer is not a 100% curable disease, so alcoholism can cause you to have a(MORE?)

  3. Selene Reply:

    When you are under the influence of alcohol the effects can be dangerous. You can lose focus and cause accidents. You can cause injury to yourself along with others. Also, long term effects could be liver damage. Source:

  4. Candace Reply:

    Long term effects of alcoholism can include liver disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and damage to the central and peripheral nerve system. Source:

  5. India Reply:

    A few short-term physiological effects are commonly associated with consuming alcohol. While everyone will experience the effects of alcohol in a distinctive way, drinking relaxes inhibitions, impairs speech and mobility and raises the hear… Source:

  6. Candis Reply:

    A question on the long-term effects of alcoholism? Someone very close to me a number of years, long before I was born has been an alcoholic for. I look at pictures from severa

  7. Elvia Reply:

    well if its determined that a person has throat cancer from drinking too much alcohol then the long term effects will effect their speech pattern! Most cases alcohol damages the liver! Slurred speech usually occurs when a person is drunk and wears off when the alcohol disspates from the system!

  8. Tiera Reply:

    The long term effects of alcohol range from possible health benefits for low levels of alcohol consumption to severe detrimental effects in cases of chronic alcohol

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