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What are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning More?

Seizures # Slow, shallow, or irregular breathing # Blue-tinged skin or pale skin # Unconsciousness (passing out) Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eileen Reply:

    Learn to recognize the most common signs of alcohol poisoning before the victim loses unconsciousness. These symptoms may include excessive vomiting, Source:

  2. Saran Reply:

    Vomiting, Seizures, Slow Breathing, Low Body Temperature, Unconscious, Confusion and Pale Skin are some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

  3. Rosalee Reply:

    Know the Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning Recognize that not all symptoms need to be present in order for alcohol poisoning to have taken place. The presence of any combination of these symptoms, accompanied with excessive recent intake of alc… Source:

  4. Francina Reply:

    Alcohol poisoning occurs when too much alcohol is consumed over a set period of time, resulting in seizure, coma or even death. By recognizing the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and knowing the difference between poisoning and merely passing… Source:

  5. Zola Reply:

    Confusion, Vomiting, Seizures, Slow breathing, Blue-tinged skin or pale skin, Low body temperature (hypothermia), Unconsciousness Source:

  6. Roma Reply:

    Is it possible to give a tick alcohol poisoning before you my leg just this morning have alcohol poisoning yourself? I had a tick on, and because the tick uses my blood to fee

  7. Evia Reply:

    you dad should be OK!!!!!!!!!!men can drink a lot of beer!!!!sad but true!!!you would know if you father has alcohol poisoning!!!!he would be very sick!!!!and you wouldnt be able to wake him up!!!!

  8. Lorna Reply:

    The most important thing for friends who witness someone "passing out" from too much alcohol is to get The signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning include:

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