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What are the warning signs of alcoholism?

Here are alcoholism signs that are listed in no special order: 1! Drinking alone 2! Making excuses, finding excuses to drink MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carlie Reply:

    What are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism?. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommends limits of up to two alcoholic drinks per day for Source:

  2. Lissa Reply:

    Here are alcoholism signs that are listed in no special order: 1. Drinking alone 2. Making excuses, finding excuses to drink MORE?

  3. Torrie Reply:

    There are warning signs associated with the beginnings of a stroke. Warning signs such as numbness throughout the body and pain in chest area. Source:

  4. Kristal Reply:

    Some early signs of pregnancy include frequent urination, tender breasts, nausea, vomiting, and a missed period. You can take a home test or call your doctor. Source:

  5. Rosita Reply:

    Alcoholism is a serious illness that affects many people in this world. The term alcoholism refers to an uncontrollable need for alcohol that involves compulsive drinking on a regular basis. Alcoholics constantly find themselves drinking gr… Source:

  6. Isabella Reply:

    Signs of alcoholism. . . Maybe? My hubby drinks every night all he has is a, but it’s not always the same; here’s what I mean: Some nights he won’t drink till almost 10pm and

  7. Charlena Reply:

    Im a beer drinker!!I dropped buying 12-packs!!for just a six pack!!most times I skip some nights of drinking!!But–drinking wine is a different matter!!I tend to consume wine to excess!!===I think the sign of alcoholism is the feeling you have just before you make a purchase!!!!or the anxiety of needing to make a purchase!!===I can actually say–I have NO ADDICTIONS!!Im 58-yrs! old!!I have never found a thing that I could NOT–just drop!!===But the wine drinking is just about always–excessive!!I have not had a glass of wine–for about 30-days!!Im looking forward to some!!in the next few days!!Its friday!!Ill buy beer later today!!for cooking dinner tonite!!===I have a good friend that I just dont visit anymore because hes constantly drunk!!Hes wheel chair bound!!weve been good friends for almost 25-years!!He wont let me paint his apartment!!He smokes cigarettes!!and drinks until he throws up!!I was able to get him to only smoke–store bought cigarettes!!He was smoking ROLLIES!!(hand rolled)!!cigarettes!!They were making him sick–===I would say–from experiance!that alcoholism!!Is like being deaf!!!!and blind!!And it also smells bad!

  8. Bernadette Reply:

    There are many warning signs of alcoholism. Some of the early signs are drinking longer or more the planed (saying your going for a one or two and end up

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