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What foods are bad to eat while pregnant?

You should avoid soft cheeses, cold deli meats, liver/pate, hot dogs, alcohol, sushi, and raw meat! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Pei Reply:

    When you're pregnant, it's more important than ever to eat well. You're nourishing not only yourself but your growing baby, too. Your goal is to eat foods that are high in nutritional value but low in fat and suga–although Know your bad fats. Source:

  2. Rachael Reply:

    Aug 18, 2007 What foods should I not eat while I am pregnant? because of the caffeine (one cup a day is usually okay); anything made with unpasteurized

  3. Stasia Reply:

    All the good stuff! Seriously though, you need to stay away from alcohol, caffeine, unpasteurized cheese and deli meat, and fish that may contain mercury such as tuna. For a complete list, consult your doctor. Source:

  4. Noelia Reply:

    you should always eat really healthy food while you are pregnant due to the fact that if you dont it could harm you and the newborn and you dont want the baby to be under weight. food like fruit and veggys are always good for you to eat whi… Source:

  5. Kamilah Reply:

    When you are pregnant, avoid foods that are high in fat and grease, as they may make you feel sick. Also, do not eat raw foods or undercooked meats. And limit your seafood intake, due to the mercury levels in some fish. Source:

  6. Keena Reply:

    Is it bad to eat spicy foods if your pregnant?

  7. Una Reply:

    I would stop eating it when you are close to your due date! You dont want to have a big stinky poo during delivery right??

  8. Chantelle Reply:

    The healthier you eat, the healthier the baby will be! Is it safe to eat junk foods while pregnant? Yes it is safe but it's bad to eat too much. Eat it in moderation.

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