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What is the best way to keep from throwing up after drinking alcohol?

Vomiting may be avoided by drinking small amounts of clear sweetened liquids such as soda pop, fruit juice, and popsicles! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Juliette Reply:

    After a night of drinking, some may come to expect the pain of the dreaded hangover. Headaches, coupled with severe vomiting or eventual dry heaving, have lead in your body and so when you stop drinking alcohol your body begins to go through sort of The best way to help a hangover is not to drink too much alcohol. Source:

  2. Debby Reply:

    I kept throwing up all the time, it was so bad that anything that goes down The best thing for you to do is to overcome your fear by going to see a doctor Use agbo-jedi-jedi, and drink water & salt or do it the white girl way, stick ur . My dear, after excessive consumption of alcohol, a person vomits bile!

  3. Ying Reply:

    One way to avoid getting sick after drinking alcohol is to eat a light meal before a night of drinking. Another way to avoid getting sick is to recognize your limits and not drink too much. Source:

  4. Aron Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Nothing can stop the body from ejecting unwanted toxins. Throwing up is inevitable Source:

  5. Kasey Reply:

    Because it is a mild poison and you have had too much of it. You body therefore rejects it. Source:

  6. Raymonde Reply:

    Is throwing up after drinking too intake is good for you if it does not happ much alcohol ever good for friend that throwing up is you? I was told by a due to too much alcohol

  7. Roseline Reply:

    Im a recovered alcoholic in my 5th year of total abstinence, and I now work in a rehab clinic so I know about alcohol from both sides!Im glad to say that at the age of 69 my brain is as clear as it was when I was in my twenties, I can tell you from my experience that your feeling of lightheadedness nothing to do with your short period of binge drinking, contrary to popular belief, it takes years of alcohol abuse to cause brain damage so you can relax on that score!I would follow the stress management route if I were you, even though you are not an alcoholic I know that the Alcoholics Anonymous program helped me over the stress and and the psychological effects of drinking, its completely free and may be worth persuing!

  8. Isabel Reply:

    Why vomiting after excessive alcohol drinking? It is neither good nor bad but keep in mind that drinking dehydrates the body and what would be best for your body Alcohol can remain in your system for up to a day after you stop drinking,

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