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How do I get rid of allergies from trees?

You know the best thing you can do is minimize exposure as much as possible! Check weather!com for levels of pollen locally and try to stay indoors during high times! Also look into seeing an allergist, who can sometimes help desensitize you! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Altagracia Reply:

    If you have allergies to tree pollen, your symptoms begin each spring like The symptoms of tree pollen allergies can be mild to severe, and are treatable with home remedies and over the counter or How to Get Rid of a Pollen Allergy Detail:

  2. Manuela Reply:

    Jun 19, 2011 Get rid of Allergies or different kinds of allergies is the best resource on tree pollen allergy and their prevention see the more stated links Link 1

  3. Kimbery Reply:

    The best thing to do is get rid of the reasons why they are visiting your area. In other words, is there standing water around? They like to eat all the bugs that are attracted by lights also-can you dim em a bit? More:

  4. Demetria Reply:

    You can purchase stuff for this at your Lowe’s or Home Depot. But, if you want to do it naturally, drill some holes in stump and fill with salt. More:

  5. Kellee Reply:

    You can not get rid of allergies per say, but you can get rid of the symptoms of allergies. The best way to do this is to avoid what is causing them. You first have to identify the cause first. Some modification of your environment is neede… More:

  6. Evelina Reply:

    Allergies to trees (Pine Trees)? I have mod/severe allergies with Asthma related pollen of conifer/junipers (pine trees). I want to live in Washington State, but I know there

  7. Sophie Reply:

    You cant permanently get rid of your allergies Im afraid, but if you know that you have an issue and you know the season is coming talk to your doctor about Cromolyn it is marketed as Nedocromil I believe and prevents release of histamine from mast cells, therefore it must be taken before an attack since it will have no effect after histamine has already been released! It has to be taken a few times a day to prevent attacks but it works well and has shown virtually no side effects!

  8. Marisela Reply:

    Allergies that occur in the spring (late April and May) are often due to tree pollen. . you cannot technically "get rid" of allergies but you can obtain medication

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