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What can i do about my rats allergies?

Make sure to feed your rat a balanced diet, change his cage often, and drinks plenty of water in order for him to be in full health and lessen allergies! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Halley Reply:

    What Do I Feed My Hairless Rat? Print this article. What Do I Feed My Hairless Rat?thumbnail Hairless rats cause fewer allergies than furred rats. Flag this photo Detail:

  2. Myrle Reply:

    When I first starting working with rats in the lab, my skin reacted to the rats all the If you suspect that you are allergic to rats, this can be confirmed by tests If you are allergic to your rats, and want to keep them, there are steps you can take to

  3. Blair Reply:

    It is sad when we develop allergies to our beloved pets. My allergy to my 3 little min pins dander was discovered through allergy tests. Try this: Discontinue close contact temporarily and allow your skin to heal. Ater you are healed, resum… More:

  4. Maisha Reply:

    just about the same as every other dog if some one tells you that a dog is hypo allergenic they are lying if they say no allergy’s what hypo allergenic means is that they have hair not fur and are LESS likely to shed or they shed like human… More:

  5. Tania Reply:

    Misty – The issue of dog allergies is a little complicated, and I’m putting a link below that clarifies the myths about pet allergies. Here are a couple of quotes that explain the basics: All dogs and cats – short-haired, long-haired, wire-… More:

  6. Sophie Reply:

    Can rats have food allergies? I have a few food allergies and I know that animals, dogs for example, can have allergic reactions (my dog is allergic to bees), but is it possib

  7. Julieta Reply:

    Hi!Why not use shredded paper or old t-shirts as a temporary measure until your Petsmart gets EcoBed back in??Personally, I wouldnt actually use anything but EcoBed or Yesterdays News – and Im in England so its definately not American only! EcoBed is the only bedding I would use after experimenting with a few different ones – CareFresh is awful! It made me sneeze something rotten and gave my boys chest infections! A safe alternative is also something called Yesterdays News – this is a wood based cat litter that is also guaranteed to be dust and mite free! Of course, it can be any wood based cat litter pellets and you can get some brands that are cheaper than Yesterdays News!What Ive found with EcoBed is that its usually the smaller, non commercialised pet shops that sell it – the English franchise, Pets at Home (part of Petsmart) dont sell EcoBed at all so I bought my first bag from a small, local pet shop – it was extremely cheap, too – almost £3!00 cheaper than CareFresh!If you dont manage to find it in the shops at all, why not contact your local breeder?? I managed to bag a large bale of EcoBed for £6 from my local breeder – theyll be happy for the money and are usually ten times cheaper than pet shops, and for two rats itll last you their lifetime!If you still have no luck with either EcoBed or Yesterdays News, then perhaps shredded paper/tissues or fleece (fleecy material) bedding would be appropriate! Fleecy bedding not only looks pretty but its wonderful on rattys feet! Just means a little more effort getting the ratties to urinate in their litter tray! Or, of course, you could makeshift ecobedding as all it is, literally, is shredded cardboard – you could buy a large cardboard box and shred it yourself! Cheap and effective!If your ratties are not already litter trained, ask a question on here or drop me an e-mail and Id be more than happy to help you out :)Take care and good luck in your hunt for bedding!

  8. See Reply:

    Most of the time, it is an allergy to household dust. My rats are sneezing but they seem happy are they sick? they probably are so you can do one several things 1. you could clean the cage if you haven't in several days 2. when you take your

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