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What can you do for sun allergy?

You can use antihistamines and/or sunscreen to prevent or reduce a reaction! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sidney Reply:

    Literally, sun rash is an allergic reaction. As a result, if you get sun rash once, you will probably get it repeatedly if you do not take steps to protect yourself from Detail:

  2. Olimpia Reply:

    Apr 29, 2010 Sun allergy — Comprehensive overview covers causes, symptoms, Free e- newsletters; Mayo Clinic expertise; We do not share your e-mail address and other useful information that will help you manage your health.

  3. Raylene Reply:

    Signs of a sun allergy (or sun poisoning) include a fever, skin redness, pain, itchiness and hives. Sun allergies can interfere with a child’s ability to play or spend time outdoors. And in some cases, certain lotions or medications can tri… More:

  4. Li Reply:

    The first step is to recognize that the red patchy rash is an allergic reaction to the Sun and to limit further exposure for several days. The main indicator of an allergic reaction to the Sun is red patchy bumps that appear on the skin. Th… More:

  5. Annmarie Reply:

    A sun allergy, also known more commonly as photosensitivity, is when a person develops an allergic reaction when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Photosensitive patients can develop severe reactions from sunlight that require medical attention … More:

  6. Ramona Reply:

    i have polymorphous light eruption (sun allergy) and sun block wont work.? i have polymorphous light eruption (sun allergy) and sun screen itself causes a skin irritation. so

  7. Erinn Reply:

    i think youll have to stay off any birth control with those side-affects for a long time in order for the symptoms to go away depending on how long you used them the time will probably vary id say at least 6 months

  8. Taren Reply:

    Where can you get sun allergy protection? Prevention of allergies can start as early as when a mother is pregnant. Taking Why do you need sun protection?

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