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What is diarhea and what causes it?

Diarrhea describes bowel movements that are loose and watery! It is very common and usually not serious!Allergies to certain foods Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cherri Reply:

    How to Identify Causes of Diarrhea. Diarrhea is characterized by an increase in frequency of bowel movements, as well as a change in their consistency. Detail:

  2. Lisette Reply:

    Diarrhea describes bowel movements that are loose and watery. It is very common and usually not serious.Allergies to certain foods

  3. Stephania Reply:

    Can be a sign of diabetes or cushings disease. Check here for canine diabetes and cushing disease More:

  4. Izetta Reply:

    The most common cause of explosive diarrhea is food and bacterial infection. More:

  5. Tanesha Reply:

    Jaundice and diarrhea are symptoms associated with multiple diseases. Some common diseases associated with these symptoms are liver disease, gallstones, hepatitis, and malaria. Jaundice is a serious symptom that should be monitored by an MD… More:

  6. Layla Reply:

    My dog has had an upset blood. also he only seems to tummy for 2 weeks now other times it has mucus. sometimes its just loose and in it but never any do it at night. he is a 1

  7. Tanika Reply:

    It could be herpes!!!!

  8. Melany Reply:

    Does egg nog cause diarrhea? The whipped cream could give some people the runs. i did and one time i took like 15 craps in a day you should buy a toilet in

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