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What is the abbreviation for allergies?

Are you thinking of a specific type of allergies?? There are different abbreviations depending on what type of allergy you want! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Christiana Reply:

    Consult your doctor for advice on medical terminology and abbreviations. Your bracelet should next list any known allergies to foods or medications. To save Detail:

  2. Joshua Reply:

    LRG By

  3. Lisbeth Reply:

    you cant abbreviate the allergies However the are a few medical abbreviations using the word allergies, such as; NKMA = No Known Medication Allergies NKA = No Known Allergies More:

  4. Esta Reply:

    nkda More:

  5. Earlie Reply:

    NZ is the popular abbreviation for New Zealand, what other island group has the same abbreviation?

  6. Kaye Reply:

    You want us to answer all of these for you?? Doesnt seem fair does it??

  7. Allen Reply:

    What is the abbreviation for no known drug allergies? nkda. Your dog has allergies how can you get rid of the allergies? doggy goo is a natural way to help dogs

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