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What is the best allergy medicine for severe allergies?

Benadryl offers effective allergy relief for adults and children, and it is available over the counter in several formulas! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Emilia Reply:

    How to Cure Severe Allergies. Severe allergies can cause people to miss work , school and social The Best Allergy Medicine for High Blood Pressure Detail:

  2. Debbie Reply:

    Benadryl offers effective allergy relief for adults and children, and it is available over the counter in several formulas.

  3. Iona Reply:

    Hundreds of prescription and over-the-counter medications are available to help relieve and reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions. Depending on the type and severity of your allergy, consulting with a physician about a course of treatme… More:

  4. Brandi Reply:

    Millions of people suffer from allergies. For many people, allergies are an annoying condition that make people turn to decongestants, prescriptions and tissues for a few months out of the year. For others, allergies are so severe that they… More:

  5. Evelyne Reply:

    Benadryl is the best allergy medicine. It is available over the counter at a great price. Zyrtec is also a great medicine for allergies. Check with your doctor before taking any medicine you are not familiar with. More:

  6. Lise Reply:

    help regarding runny eyes and nose don’t give me a sleepy hangover, stuffed up sinuses, sleep depravation and meds which or make me feel worse like Claritin D did.

  7. Ela Reply:

    I totally agree with the Netti pot idea! I have been using one for a little over a year and its wonderful! Benadryl is the best overall allergy medication, but it makes you very sleepy so I would recommend using it at night only! During the day Claritin D or Zyrtec D are pretty good! The D does mean that they contain pseudoephedrine though, so if you have high blood pressure or any other condition I would be wary of taking it! After using the netti pot for a while you may not even require a decongestant, in which you could take plain Zyrtec or Claritin! Other than that, if its really so bad that you cant leave your house in the spring and summer, I would see an allergist! They might be able to give you an allergy shot or prescribe something a little stronger for you! Good Luck!

  8. Harriet Reply:

    Allergic rhinitis may also be classified as Mild-Intermittent, Moderate-Severe . It is best to take the medication before exposure, especially for seasonal allergic

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