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What is the best way to get rid of nasal congestion?

Depends on why you have congestion! For allergies, try Claritin! For a sinus infection, try a decongestant or saline drops! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sandy Reply:

    The Best Way to Get Rid of Nasal Congestion. When nasal congestion hits you any night because of a cold, infection or allergy, you face a sleepless nightmare. Detail:

  2. Bobbi Reply:

    Depends on why you have congestion. For allergies, try Claritin. For a sinus infection, try a decongestant or saline drops.

  3. Ashli Reply:

    Often occurring as a result of a cold, influenza, allergies or as a reaction to irritants, nasal and throat congestion can be serious in young children and infants, but in adults it usually is more annoying. With a little effort, you will b… More:

  4. Vincenza Reply:

    The way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to use an over-the-counter decongestant with an anti-inflammatory analgesic like Ibuprofen. More:

  5. Clarita Reply:

    You can always use a nasal spray that you get over the counter, but these are best used for only about 3 days. A saline spray will help irrigate your nasal passages, and is safe to use. More:

  6. Josephina Reply:

    how can i get rid of this nasal congestion? I have had a really week. It is finally clearing up bad cold for over a, and the only symptom is nasal congestion now. Mainly my ri

  7. Kayce Reply:

    I would highly recommend nasal irrigation! Netty pots are okay, but I prefer the bottles where you spray saline up your nose! You can get them at the pharmacy, they are called Neilmed! You will be able to rinse ALOT of mucus out of your sinuses and if you can keep your sinuses moist the mucus will not collect inside and will drain down your throat! This is hard but it works well — Try putting a couple of tablespoons of vicks vaporub into a glass bowl and add boiling water! Put your head over the bowel and inhale deeply for as long as you can take it! Put a towel over your head so no steam escapes! Its important to keep your eyes closed while youre doing this as they will sting! It will be really hard to breath the steam in at first, but after a few mins it gets easier and it really works! Give your nose a good blow into the bowl and try coughing up phlegm to! Gross but helps a lot!Alternatively you can take a super hot steamy shower and do not put the fan on in your bathroom! Breath in as much steam as you can and blow your nose while youre in the shower! Btw, its better to blow one nostil at a time and easier on your nose! Good luck!

  8. Danielle Reply:

    How can I get rid of nasal congestion? Use Fisherman's Friend Patilles. They work amazing, and are the quickest way to get rid of a stuffy nose. What is the best

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