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How is Artificial Rain Created

You may have such questions as How To Make Artificial Acid Rain and How Is Rain Created,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Acid Rain Created. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Make Artificial Rain,too. Read more as following:

Artificial rain can be created by spraying clouds with substances like silver iodide or with carbon dioxide which is cheaper to do then the silver iodide. Sodium chloride may even be used as well.

How to make artificial acid rain?

You can make artificial acid rain from nitric acid and water. You can also make artificial acid rain by adding sulfuric acid to the ground so it evaporates with the water.... More »

How is Rain Created?

It is pretty simple how rain is created it goes through a cycles in which water is on the earth and it evaporates. When it forms clouds the clouds form rain and the rain falls on the earth and the cycle begins again.... More »

How is Acid Rain Created?

Acid rain is created due to increased air pollution. Increased content of CO2 & SO2 is air dissolves in rain drops and makes Carbonic & Sulfuric acids.... More »

How to create artificial reefs?

1. Contact the state department of wildlife, fisheries or other department having the authority to issue permits for an artificial reef. Because the division of authority between departments with state governments can be a labyrinth, ask this departm... More »

How to create artificial ears?

1. Prepare your head and ear area for casting. Cover your head in the swim cap and tuck away all stray hairs on the side of the ear you plan to cast. Put in an earplug, then coat the ear and surrounding area with petroleum jelly, inside and out, coat... More »

How to create artificial gems?

1. Tear off a piece of aluminum foil to use on the bottoms of the stones. Keep it smooth, or crinkle it to give it a different effect. 2. Use a permanent marker to scribble on the foil. Color the flat side of a clear glass or colored marble as well.... More »


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    I have a school paper due tomorrow, and I need to know how it works in DETAIL. I already have some, but can anyone help with the parts of the generator or something?

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  8. Colebolegooglygooglyhammerhead Reply:

    Can anybody tell me or provide me links on how synthetic or non-natural cultivation of crops harm the environment? Like for example artificial ripening of fruits, using chemicals to grow crops fast etc. are non natural ways to grow crops… i need more ideas, thoughts and material on this topic…

  9. Blondie103 Reply:

    An Indian rain stick from a cactus. What is the process to make one?

  10. Mr.teamonmyback Reply:

    I want to compare the colors of rainbows in a science project but I’m not sure if I can create a completly artificial rainbow. Help anyone? I don’t want to use any sunlight at all.

  11. Deshi M Reply:

    A. The biodiversity stays the same
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    C. The biodiversity increases
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    I mean winds at heights of, say, 1 Km, and really strong ones (small hurricanes?), for a period of 10 seconds or so.
    I suppose some really hi-energy sources should be used, such as explosives or so.

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    need to know how does it works, how much is the price, and if I can take them or send them overseas…

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    I’ve heard that Mars is too small to support an atmosphere.
    I understand that plate tectonics is vital to a planet with life and that would differcult to create artificially.
    How far into the future would this happen?

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    Yeah, i know u cant put a giant fan in the middle, but i want a more innovative way. Do you have to heat the ground to make air rise? Whats a efficient, useful way? Say the size of this enclosed place is about the size of a city with a glass panel 200 meters above it.

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