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How to Extract Thc With Alcohol

You may have such questions as How Effective Is Alcohol For Extracting Thc and How Do You Extract Pure Thc With Alcohol,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Make Weed More Potent. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to THC Extraction,too. Read more as following:

There are a few different steps you have to take in order to extract THC from marijuana using alcohol. First, you need to chop your marijuana up real fine and small. Next you need to gather your materials and get prepared.

How effective is alcohol for extracting thc?

120 proof vodka = 60% alcohol. Try getting everclear (95% alcohol) or mckormicks lemon extract (83% alcohol) to intensify the potency if you can. For a half gram of weed, you only need a half fluid ounce of your vodka. You only will need 2-3 mL, and... More »

How do you extract pure thc with alcohol?

It is impossible to extract pure THC with alcohol outside of an extensive la...... More »

How to Make Weed More Potent?

How to make weed more potent depends on the type of weed. Most potency changes happen when the plant is being grown. The first thing to do before growing weed is check with your state, local, and federal laws to make sure that it isn't illegal in you... More »

Can smoking marijuana leaves get you high?

Those who said yes must be stupid. In other words, wrong. You cannot smoke the leaves, but you can make hemp things out of it. The part you smoke is the bud.... More »

Do marijuana stems contain THC?

Obviously But watch out for a headache... More »

How to Make Pot Butter?

The most common way pot butter is made is by allowing the pot and butter to boil and simmer, then allowing it to to cool. The ingredients and supplies include: a bowl, a strainer, a double boiler, a grinder, a cup of butter, and marijuana. You can fi... More »


  1. Chelsae Reply:
  2. Mrs. Mactavish Reply:

    Is their herbal teas that contain Thc or marijuana in them?

  3. Ijfiasjflsajfklsjaf Reply:

    i have some 120 proof vodka and a half gram of of medium grade weed. i was wondering how much of the thc the vodka would extract and if i would need more than one gram of weed. and also how much alcohol i would need to use.

    and yes i have my medical card and can do this legally.

  4. Kids Call Me Tree Reply:

    Do you know the answer for this question. I am suppose to write a letter about this question with facts examples and it’s for my health class. Or a very good page that can help me a bunch.


  5. Smoke Reply:

    I have read that using lotion right after showering is key to locking in the moisture on dry or irritated skin. They all say avoid alcohol and water “heavy” products but what, specifically, are the best brands and types to use? There are TOO many choices!!!!

  6. Sonya Reply:

    Is smoking it the best way to get all the THC or what are other ways healthier and perhaps more effective? Is this the vaporizing option?

    If eating it, does it have to be done as brownies, what if I just eat it alone by itself, is this not good to do?

  7. Poisonedplaguerat Reply:

    One shot glass of 50% alcohol extract and 50% oil extract to be specific.

    No drug history, just a one time thing.

  8. Kewlioo101 Reply:

    all i have is a small amount of tequila and some sort of raspberry alcohol, would this be ok to use in extracting thc?

  9. Bob Reply:

    idc if you think its bad for me or whatever, i am aware off all negative effects of drugs and alcohol. if you have any information to give me i would appreciate it

  10. Music Man Reply:

    idc if you think its bad for me or whatever, i am aware off all negative effects of drugs and alcohol. if you have any information to give me i would appreciate it
    no. thc is absorbed by fat molecules and alcohol. i would like to know how to extract it properly

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