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Are there any cures for asthma?

There are no cures for asthma! Along with avoiding your triggers and staying healthy, asthma medications play an important role in managing asthma! There are both long and short term medicines! A asthma specialist can help you find out what is best! On! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Martin Reply:

    I wouldnt move to Oregon, way to much mold and poleln. I moved here from Durango Colorado 4 years ago and have had trouble breathing due to mold, as well as added allergies. My parents moved us to Colorado from Arizona because I had a bad attack as a child and it all but cleared up there.

  2. Niesha Reply:

    Is There Any Research Being Done for a Cure for Asthma?. Part of the series: Asthma Symptoms & Treatments. Continuous research is being done in order to Source:

  3. Lily Reply:

    no. asthma is treated with steriods to keep swelling of the lungs down and antihistamines to fight allergies. in other words, only the symptoms are treated because there’s no cure. do you use Yahoo! Answers for all your reports? wow.

  4. Lupita Reply:

    Yes, there definitely is a cure for asthma for adults and children. New research is showing that severe asthma is often the cause of the bacteria Chlamydia …

  5. Lashell Reply:

    Asthma is a common health problem among children. There is not a real cure for this health condition. However, the symptoms of asthma can be kept under control. While most children with asthma require an inhaler, there are a number of thing… Source:

  6. Corina Reply:

    For some people with asthma–a condition marked by continuous or paroxysmal labored breathing and intense coughin-treatment with antibiotics is effective and appropriate to eradicate chronic bacterial infection. Gathering mucous from the lu… Source:

  7. Fidelia Reply:

    I have never heard about a cure for asthma. Sometimes asthma is only childhood or allergy related and time, allergy, or other medical treatments and interventions can manage it. Source:

  8. Kimberlie Reply:

    There are so many medicines in homeopathy which can cure asthma! The cure depends on the type of asthma and its causes! Probablities:1! You may be averse to cold water and bathing in warm water! 2! it may be an annual feature or continuous! 3! May have suppressed skin ailments or rashes and scabies etc! in childhood! 4! A hereditary disposition to be asthematic 5! An upset stomach which aggravates the dryness in the chest region and oesophagus! 6! Aggravation with movement! It will restrain you from participating in any field activities where movement is required! 7! have been using plenty of antihystamines! 8! The allergy word has been deeply imbedded in your psychos! associated with dust, hair of cats and dogs, etc! 9! fond of eating cold and sour (khatta) food items! 10! been using inhaler on and often! All these factors and more are indicative, contributory, suppressive in asthma becoming chronic! The following medicines are highly curative and of value in homeopathy:1! Arsenic Album 200 – one dose a day for three days! in annual cases, cases originating from stomach, aggravation at 2!am! or 2p!m! Burning in the chest, wheezing respiration, unable to lie down due to fear of suffocation and generally as an SOS medicine! May be used in combination with Blata orientalis 200! In many cases I have seen this single medicine Arsenic Album cure! 2! Bryonia 30 three times a day for three days in globules! Any asthmatic condition which aggravates from slightest movement and accompanied by cough, bryonia will cure!3! Antim Tart – Great rattling of mucus but little expectorated! Must sit up or lie on the right side for relief! Use this in combination with Sulphur for a long period, will fully cure! Here Rumex would also be required! 4! Blatta Orientalis Q to 3X or in potencies of 200 to 1M in chronic cases! Cough will be with mucus like pus! Discontinue medicine when improvement is noticed as the medicine is capable of creating artificial symptoms! 5! Carbo veg – Asthma of abdominal orientation, with marked flatulence! Astham of elderly people! 6! Cina – Asthma due to worms! 7! Ipec – commonly used in Asthma! Epitaxis may be present! 8! Medorrhinum – In cases of recurrent cold and cough with hereditory factors! (should be used with caution)!9! Natrum Sulph – yet another important medicine where the reason is in the stomach! It is most suitable for children! Dyspnea! holds the chest while coughing! Rattling cough worse 4 to 5 a!m! Greenish expectoration! Worse damp and rainy weather! 10! Nux Vomica – attacks in the morning! induced by disorders of stomach! Of value in removing the ill effects of excessive medication and antibiotics and restoring to normal!11! Pothos – Worse on inhaling the least dust! relieved after passing the stool! 12! Thuja – Asthma of children13! Aspidosperma Q – The best lung tonic for asthma and other conditions! It stops the recurrence of the malady! It is good for Cardiac Asthma also!14! Arnica and Belladonna – Arnica to improve the blood flow and improve the efficiency of the blood by purifying it! Belladonna to dilate the blood vessels and ensure the blood reach everywhere as well as the nutritions! 15! One or two doses of Drosera 30 will help in chronic cough! Drosera should not be repeated too often! All sour things should be avoided by an asthematic patient as it increase the constrictions in blood vessels! Tuberculinum, Psorinum, Senga, Natrum Mur, Naja, Lycopersicum, Lachesis, Kalium Carb, Cuprum Met, Ambra Grisea, amylenum Nitrosum, Arum triph! and many many medicines are of undoubted value towards cure of Asthma and many other ailments! Medicines should be used under supervison of a doctor!

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