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Can allergies make it hard to breathe?

Yes, allergies can make it very difficult to breathe, as your nose gets clogged and you have to breathe through your mouth! However, they can also trigger asthma, in which case it is recommended you seek medical attention! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Pricilla Reply:

    This reaction can make it hard to breathe if the swelling cuts off the airway. People who are having allergic reactions to pineapple and are finding it hard to Source:

  2. Ali Reply:

    Allergies can make it hard to breathe. People generally try to breathe through their nose, even when the nose is plugged up, unless they consciously switch to trying to breath through the mouth. Allergies can plug both your nose and throat

  3. Martina Reply:

    Asthma can manifest itself as wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, or all of the above. … At the moment if I eat butter (which is very hard to avoid especially when eating out in … It brings me nausea and makes me vomit, any comments?

  4. Ayesha Reply:

    Timing–One of the first things that you should consider is when the symptoms occur. If, for example, the breathing difficulty only occurs after exercise , or at stressful times, or after laughing very hard, then the chances are that the co… Source:

  5. Ariel Reply:

    Take your walk inside. Try out the inside of a shopping mall. It’s cool, safe, and a great social activity. If you must be outside, avoid grassy or wooded areas. Close the windows. You may not see it, but your nose will certainly feel the p… Source:

  6. Vonda Reply:

    Relieve your allergy symptoms using herbs. There are a variety to choose from. Try a few of them and see which ones work best for you. You can ease your cough and clear your clogged nose using eucalyptus. It has vapors that clear congestion… Source:

  7. Shawnee Reply:

    Allergies make it hard to breathe through your nose, which is the normal way of breathing! People generally try to breathe through their nose even when the nose is plugged up, unless they intentionally and consciously switch to breathing through the mouth! If you have trouble breathing through your mouth (trouble getting enough oxygen) that would indicate asthma or a very severe allergic reaction! As long as you are capable of breathing through your mouth there is no health risk! !

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