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Can you throw up because of asthma?

Asthma is often accompanied by coughing, and it is possible to cough so much that the gag reflex is triggered, causing vomiting! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nydia Reply:

    This way you can continue with their normal treatments when you Aspirating vomit occurs when they inhale the substance and can cause pneumonia. Source:

  2. Kathrine Reply:

    Understanding what different types of cough could mean will help you know how to Kids younger than 3 years old are at the most risk for croup because their Also, a child who has a cough with a cold or an asthma flare-up might throw up if

  3. Jesica Reply:

    If you have a SERIOUS asthma condition will you cough or throw up? … vomiting can cause damage to the stomach and esophagus due to stomach acid, it can …

  4. Babette Reply:

    You call the police. Source:

  5. Nicole Reply:

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  6. Amada Reply:

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  7. Shirely Reply:

    Oh i am sorry to hear about your computer and breathing problem Ok As you said you have allergies and people with allergies are more likely to obtain asthma and you also mentioned that people in your family also have asthma and allergies so it could be possible that it was one of the things that you inherited Asthma can cause you to have shortness while doing activity so that could be why you had trouble when you went on a hike And sorry to say but i dont think that your mind can make these things happen so i really do think it is your body doing these things And i believe that if you are describing it right the heavy thing on your chest could be the tightness in your chest from the airway muscles tightening Some of the asthma symptoms are:*Wheezing (loud whistling noise that occurs when breathing in and out)*Coughing a lot*Feeling of tightness in your chest*Feeling short of breath*Having trouble sleeping because of coughing or having a hard time breathing*Quickly getting tired during exerciseAnd yes if you do have asthma you can run all you need to do is take your inhaler before you do any kind of exercise that could possibly lead to shortness of breath I am not sure if you can develop asthma with stress but it is proven that stress can cause asthma to worsen or even cause an attack If that inhaler is working then it is doing its job so i think that you need to get yourself another one So please go to the doctor cause they are the only ones that can diagnose you with asthma and give you the medicine you need to make it better so please go to them and get help cause any kind of shortness of breath is a problem and it wouldnt be a good idea to were you have a episode and up in the hospitalHope this helps and feel better soon :)

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