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How do i get a cough?

Common causes of coughs include: Allergies, asthma, lung infections, sinusitis, cigarette smoke, and exposure to air pollutants! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sagar Reply:

    Damn, I wish I could think of soemihtng smart like that!

  2. Akiko Reply:

    How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough. Treating a dry cough is different from treating other types of coughs since dry cough is considered non-productive cough that Source:

  3. Cherrie Reply:

    Many medications and illnesses can cause coughing and also being dehydrated can cause it.

  4. Roberta Reply:

    If the cough has lasted more than 3 – 4 days and is deep within the chest please see your doctor. You don't want to get Bronchitis, Pneumonia or a sinus infection …

  5. Tran Reply:

    Drink warm tea with honey to soothe your throat and bronchial passages. Rest your voice and do your best not to strain it further. See a doctor to figure out if you need medication. Go to the pharmacy and by an over the counter cough medici… Source:

  6. Corazon Reply:

    Pertussis or whooping cough was first discovered Jules Bordet Octave Gengou in the year 1906, they also made the first vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease. Thanks, guys! Source:

  7. Dorathy Reply:

    A cough is a involuntary reaction caused by your lungs trying to expel foreign material. They may also be cause by irritating substances including smoke, particulates, and phlegm. Source:

  8. Katia Reply:

    The first time you smoke weed theres an overwhelming sense of calmness that comes over you! Your eyes get droopy/red, mouth becomes dry, and your mind gets kind of foggy and forgetful! It makes you feel happy and silly! After awhile youll start to feel hungry and when youve eaten your weight in munchies, youll get tired! I remember the first time I tried it I was with a big group of friends and we just walked around the neighborhood laughing at everything xD For your first time its important that you dont smoke too much because youll have a bad trip and never want to smoke again! You technically cant overdose, but you can still get panic attacks/nausea/shaking! 3 or 4 hits should do the job! And yes, usually people who dont smoke alot will cough!!!!! But thats how you know your doing it right, haha!

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