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How does asthma effect the cardiovascular system?

The lack of oxygen forces the blood to pump less oxigenated blood or not pump at all! Without oxygen the body begins to break down & die! The brain starts dying in as little as 4 min! The heart will not have necessary nutrients or energy to pump! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Snowy Reply:

    An inetglilent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

  2. Heike Reply:

    How Does Smoking Affect the Cardiovascular System?. Part of the series: Effects of Smoking. Smoking damages all aspects of the cardiovascular system, causing heart attacks, strokes and dilation of the How Does Smoking Cause Asthma? Source:

  3. Mia Reply:

    Apr 4, 2005 direct impact of asthma to cardiovascular complications, independent of may directly, and negatively, impact the cardiovascular system. . Please note that we publish your name, but we do not publish your email address.

  4. Hellen Reply:

    Closing the Lungs so its harder to get air. Which body systems does asthma affect? respirtory. How does the cardiovascular system affect the skeletomuscular …

  5. Nickie Reply:

    In general, the heart muscle and the general cardiovascular system become more efficient. The exercise also helhps the hbody to build muscle and burn fat. Unless you have arthritis or some other condition which restricths your tolerance to … Source:

  6. Marianna Reply:

    There is some controversy on this topic between the medical community and the massage practitioners. There is no empirical data that the flow of blood changes after a massage, but no studies have been conducted about the flow of blood durin… Source:

  7. Jenny Reply:

    Because of the need to breath by homsapiens, the lack of oxygen forces the blood to pump less oxigenated blood or not pump at all. Without oxygen the body begins to break down and die with the brain beginning to die within 4 minutes of not … Source:

  8. Linsey Reply:

    1!) Liquor2!) True3!) Nervous4!) 1 hour (just basing that on 5 or more per hour!)5!) Sense of self6!) What is this ad not telling you??7!) I believe its false! I think they say its worse, but not sure!

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