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What are some side effects of eating weed?

To smoke, or have trouble smoking, f!e! people with asthma! There are virtually no health risks, because the only health (MORE) Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jacquelyn Reply:

    nikki,A guy who smokes, be it weed or toaccbo, may be at risk of low sperm count from what I’ve read, it works like this:Both grass and cigs contain nicotine. Nicotine constricts blood vessels a powerful vasoconstrictor. So, diminished blood flow to the testicles could be an answer to low sperm count. So, to answer your question, “if a guy smokes a lot of weed , is his sperm count low?” No smoking a “lot” of weed does not necessarily drop his sperm count. It COULD, mind you, be something to look at if he’s been diagnosed as having a low sperm count, but just being a stoner does not automatically make his count low.”will he be able to make babies?” Provided a willing partner, I can’t see why not.

  2. Angeles Reply:

    One solution is finding an animal or insect that eats weeds. However, many weed -eaters also Eats Weeds?thumbnail A field of dandelions serves as dinner animals and even some humans. Side Effects of Goat Weed · What Will Kill Lawn Source:

  3. Mariette Reply:

    Answer: Side effects of eating weed are: nausea, discomfort, disorientation MORE

  4. Etsuko Reply:

    Research on the long-term effects of marijuana abuse indicates some changes ….. weight mainly from wanting to eat more (caused by marijuana's side effects).

  5. Andrew Reply:

    Symptoms of marijuana overdose may include disorientation, feeling delirious or feverish, and can be followed by hangover or stupor. In some severe cases you may also become extremely paranoid, hallucinate, or have panic attacks. Source:

  6. Fredericka Reply:

    You’ll feel the regular effects of marijuana, but you’ll also feel the effects more in your body than your mind. Source:

  7. Monet Reply:

    Side effects of weed, or marijuana, can be an increase in heartbeat, red eyes and increased appetite. Dry mouth is a something most people fell as well. Source:

  8. Jazmine Reply:

    yeah i think it effects everyone differently, but yeah it sounds normal to me but not the crying part, i know it makes you hear things and could make you feel like crying when you smoke it depressed, but if you smoke way to much of it you could feel like puking after!!!maby because you arent a really big stonner like i am and you are just starting to smoke the herbi even puked, cried, and herd sounds that werent real when i smoked weed! but not all the time i only cried once while high and only puked once but yeah you do hear alot of stuff that arent realTRY SMOKING IT AGAIN see if it does happen again if not keep smokin

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