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What are the side effects of tape worms?

Side effects of human tape worms include weight loss, allergic reaction, and even asthma! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bernita Reply:

    This drug is poorly absorbed from the digestive tract and rapidly kills tapeworms upon exposure. Side effects reported with niclosamide are infrequent and Source:

  2. Jayme Reply:

    Described as flat and ribbon-like, tapeworms have three parts to their bodies: head Beware of the many potential side effects that come with prescription drugs

  3. Lashanda Reply:

    1 Uses. 1.1 Flukes/trematodes; 1.2 Tapeworms/cestodes. 2 History; 3 Pharmacokinetics; 4 Mode of action; 5 Side effects; 6 Drug interactions. 6.1 Antibiotics; 6.2 …

  4. Robbie Reply:

    Isolated incidents of either vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite or listlessness have been reported following treatment, but were considered nonsignificant. If these signs are observed and they persist, consult your veterinarian. Source:

  5. Nena Reply: Revolution is a monthly topical heartworm preventative medication that also protects dogs and cats against fleas, ticks and ear mites. Revolution contains selamectin, an antiparasitic agent that also works against feline hookwor… Source:

  6. Vernita Reply:

    the effects are when you need to have sex Source:

  7. Almeda Reply:

    Based on what you said the pill has started working and the worms are on their way out! This is perfectly normal! He may have diarrhea for a few days! It wont be pretty! Sometime when a kitten has diarrhea or when you give them the dewormer and it starts working it kind of freaks them out! He probably sat on his butt when some of the poop was coming out! Wash his butt off in a utility sink!You need to set him up in a room of his own for a few days(an extra bathroom is ideal) with a litter box nearby plus food, water, bed of course! He could have accidents as the de-wormer is working because sometimes they get a real sudden urge to go! Also if your other cat is terrorizing him, thats another reason he may not make it to the litter box! Plan ahead!Ok, now about the older cat terrorizing the 8 week old! The kitten may be holding his own but you didnt get them started on the right footing! An adult make can pack a wallop and this isnt really the way you want them to continue for the rest of their lives! You need to back up and re-introduce them!Heres some really good articles on what you need to do! Initially it basically amounts to isolating the kitten until the older cat is more accepting:http://www!tulsa-animalshelter!org/tips/intro%20cat!htmhttp://wvcats!com/integrating_kittens_with_cats!htmIm assuming your older cat is neutered because if he isnt; whole males often kill kittens!Note: Drontal is for catsHope this helps!

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