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What are the side effects of yellow 5?

No! Yellow 5 AKA tartrazine has been know to affect those allergic to aspirin, with asthma and also affects those with ADD! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Bev Reply:

    Another potential side effect of Yellow 5 food coloring is hyperactivity, also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD). Both adults and children can get ADD, but it Source:

  2. Russell Reply:

    Dec 31, 2005 The key factor is the presence of a dye called Yellow No. 5 in these drinks ( presumably in large quantities), a food coloring that allegedly but perfectly harmless side effect: quite a bit of yellow liquid will flow out of your penis.

  3. Laure Reply:

    What can you do about side effects? try to aviod it or do it before you reach it or deal with it. What is yellow 5? it is a sperm killer. it was used by the Chinese to kill …

  4. Tu Reply:

    It is vicoprofen (7.5 mg of hydrocodone with ibuprofen) – a narcotic / pain-killer WRONG! It’s Meloxicam it treats arthritis. If the link doesn’t work Source:

  5. Angele Reply:

    Yellow dye number 5 can cause hives, although rarely. Source:

  6. Lashonda Reply:

    Yellow 5 is suspected to cause clinical depression, anxiety, vision problems, feeling like your suffocating, migraines, it can also cause you to miss out on a lot of sleep if you have an allergy to the dye. The FDA maintains its safe to ing… Source:

  7. Lera Reply:

    It does contain Yellow-5 but its one of the last ingredients on the label!!!which pretty much means they barely used it! Yellow-5 is supposed to cause impotence! Actually, each of those coloring additives is supposed to have some effect on us (some good and some bad)! A friend of mine can recite what each of them does, but i never remember! Hes just big on nutrition!

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