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What can help an asthma attack?

No, using a peak flow meter may help you manage your asthma symptoms! Also, try things like breathing exercises, etc! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Janyce Reply:

    Sometimes an asthma attack can be stopped if you relax, use your inhaler and an antacid during an asthma attack can help to treat some asthma symptoms. Source:

  2. Veronique Reply:

    Jun 8, 2010 I am 99% sure I have asthma. A few minutes ago I started getting sharp pains in my chest, and now my breathing has worsened. I have a

  3. Shirley Reply:

    It's been known for well over 100 years that a few cups of coffee can help during an asthma attack. If you are having severe attacks I would consult your doctor …

  4. Robbyn Reply:

    Asthma attacks occur when an asthmatic has a response to any environmental or emotional trigger. This causes inflammation of the airways, and overproduction of mucous in the airways, making breathing difficult to impossible. If someone has … Source:

  5. Lizzie Reply:

    Each person is different as to what causes asthma to attack. Many experience allergies or irritants inside their bronchial tubes causing them to swell. Source:

  6. Rowena Reply:

    An asthma attack is when the narrowing bronchials close off and you are unable to breath. This is when the person has some difficulty breathing and will start to wheeze. Source:

  7. Deneen Reply:

    Many of the answers below could actually WORSEN your asthma, such as a humidifier, if your asthma is triggered by HUMIDITY, which many people have! Dont try these until you find out what your triggers are!For the time being, until you get yourself to a GOOD PULMONOLOGIST, try exhaling as completely as you can! This expels the stale air, with little or no oxygen in it! It may seem weird, to blow air OUT, since your instinct is to gulp it in!!!but it does work (I have asthma and have used this, w/success)!Then, inhale, slowly and steadily, trying to calm yourself while doing so! The best prevention for asthma is to avoid things that trigger it, but it may not be possible in all cases! The next best thing is to get a full evaluation, with your primary care doctor and a specialist! There are many PREVENTIVE meds (including inhalers) that can reduce your need for a rescue inhaler drastically!Some preventive meds, are steroidal, like Azmacort, and others are non-steroidal, but reduce inflammation or even prevent it, such as Intal! You can even take a drug like Accolate, by mouth, to reduce the frequency of attacks! Most docs WILL, however, recommend a Rescue (albuterol) inhaler, for sudden attacks!See a doctor ASAP, since asthma attacks CAN be fatal if not treated immediately! I know two people who died from it, with very little warning! You really cant play around with this, such as trying to use mind control or herbal meds! Check out the site below, for useful info about the disease and treatment options!Good luck!

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