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What can I do for really bad asthma?

You need to call your doctor as it might be possibly life-threatening! From personal experience: change temperatures, go outside! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Melvina Reply:

    A bad cough can be a nuisance at least and a symptom of a serious health problem at worst. Infection, allergies, asthma, underlying medical conditions, medications and even stress can cause a bad cough. Before Honey is very effective in calming a cough. Use nontoxic cleaners that do not give off noxious odors. Source:

  2. Kathie Reply:

    Avoiding triggers can make your asthma symptoms get better and help your but most people who have asthma don’t know how bad their asthma really is.

  3. Laila Reply:

    Also, if the child is around the dog on a regular basis, they will often become accustomed and … If your child's asthma is extremely bad or they are having regular attacks, please wait until the child … Please do not purchase a short- coated dog.

  4. Judi Reply:

    Eczema is a skin condition that causes severe itching, dryness, skin infections and even hay fever and asthma. Most often, it affects infants and children. In some cases, however, it carries over into adulthood or first appears later in lif… Source:

  5. Charlesetta Reply:

    Allergy to cows, farms and barns or hay fever. Source(s): health Source:

  6. Camellia Reply:

    When you say inhaler and steroids do not work, I assume you are talking about steroids like Advair. If that is the case oral steroids are the answer, at least that is what I use. Prednisone or prednisolone. Some professionals believe predni… Source:

  7. Adella Reply:

    I would take her to the Vet, might be something else!!:-)\\//

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