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What causes asthma?

No one knows exactly what causes asthma! It’s thought to be a combination of environmental and genetic (hereditary) factors etc Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ora Reply:

    What Can Cause an Asthma Attack?. Asthma attacks may occur unexpectedly and cause you to develop symptoms such as difficulty breathing, which can be life Source:

  2. Jocelyn Reply:

    Inflamation and fluid in the alveoli of the lungs and constriction of the bronchii. This can be triggered by environmental allergens and pollutants, exercise or a genetic weakness or condition.

  3. Shelba Reply:

    The causes of asthma aren't clear. But we do know that certain factors may increase the likelihood of developing asthma, or of it becoming persistent. Allergic or …

  4. Augustine Reply:

    Asthma can be caused by factors such as airborne allergens like dust mites, cat and dog dander or cigarette smoke. There is no exact cause of asthma but scientists are continuing their research. The more we understand asthma, the better we’… Source:

  5. Vernell Reply:

    Asthma can be caused by numerous factors, it generally isn’t just one thing that triggers it. I could be an allergy to animals, or it could be smoke or pollen. There is treatment and if you think that you may be a sufferer then you need to … Source:

  6. Jannie Reply:

    One thing about asthma there is really no known reason or exact cause of asthma. Asthma have seemed to be inherited, or when you are a child and have so many upper and lower lung infections. But right now no one knows what causes it. Source:

  7. Elvina Reply:

    Cooking in oil, smell of baking pizza and garlic effect me the most!

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