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What causes low oxygen?

Low iron or hemoglobin can cause low oxygen in the blood stream! Asthma is also a common cause! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lillia Reply:

    Reasons for Low Oxygen in the Blood. Low oxygen levels in the blood are referred to as "hypoxemia," a condition that can make you feel unusually sleepy and Source:

  2. Audrie Reply:

    high altitude, as in Mt Everest

  3. Ilana Reply:

    There are a multiple reasons for low oxygen saturation, including cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, cardiomyopathy, …

  4. Tawanna Reply:

    Lack of oxygen causes low levels of oxygen. Source:

  5. Shanae Reply:

    Hypoxemia, or hypoxia, is the medical term for a low oxygen level. This condition can be characterized by shortness of breath and reduced exercise capacity, with fatigue occurring quickly after physical exertion. Learning about the causes o… Source:

  6. Jeane Reply:

    Low oxygen levels in women can be a sign of heart problems. Oxygen is carried in the blood. This could also be a sign of a lung problem in women or men. Source:

  7. Porsha Reply:

    YawnFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchFor other uses, see Yawn (disambiguation)!A yawn (synonyms chasma, pandiculation, oscitation from the Latin verb oscitare, to open the mouth wide[1]) is a reflex of deep inhalation and exhalation associated with being tired, with a need to sleep, or from lack of stimulation! Pandiculation is the term for the act of stretching and yawning! Yawning is a powerful non-verbal message with several possible meanings, depending on the circumstances! It is also claimed to help increase the state of alertness of a person! It has been shown not to be from lack of oxygen, because it reduces oxygen intake compared to normal respiration! Another speculated reason for yawning is nervousness – paratroopers were once noted yawning right before their first jump![citation needed] The exact causes of yawning are still undetermined!!!WikipediaYawning is a reflect of fatigue!!!you might not actually feel tired but your body is telling you that you need to rest! If you are suffering from lack of oxygen your fingers will be cold, even blue, as would your lips and toes etc!!!lack of oxygen has many other signs such as headaches, dizziness and fainting! And if you are by chance suffering from a low O2 saturation, there are tons of medical problems associated with that!!!and a lot of things to consider, are you a smoker?? do you have asthma?? are you sick?? pneumonia and upper respiratory infections etc!!!If you think you have a low sat!!!then you have to get to a doctors office to get that checked out!!!a sat lower than 92% is bad!!!But I think you just need a nap!!!!start going to bed at the same time every night and getting up the same time every morning!!even on the weekends!!!see how you feel!!!

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