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What does an asthma attack feel like?

Not everybody feels the same things during an asthma attack! Some symptoms: Cough and cough and cough, feel like they can’t catch their breath, feel like air is trapped in their lungs and they can’t get it out, very noisy breathing, chest pain! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sondra Reply:

    Talk to children. Children with asthma tend to panic more during an attack than adults do. An asthma attack is scary, because suddenly you feel like a fish out of Source:

  2. Margurite Reply:

    for me, its a cough that starts small, then gets wheezy within minutes, and then doesn’t stop. You feel like there is no air, literally gasping down a lungful of nothing. Sort of like a scuba mask with someones fingers over most of the airw

  3. Ilona Reply:

    If you're not sure if you've had an asthma attack, consult a doctor and ask him/her about it. Hope I helped! What does a panic attack feel like? You feel like your …

  4. Deeann Reply:

    The bronchial tubes try to close up during an asthma attack. People having asthma attacks may feel as if they are going to die from lack of air. Look here for more information:… Source:

  5. Hazel Reply:

    Each person is different as to what causes asthma to attack. Many experience allergies or irritants inside their bronchial tubes causing them to swell. Source:

  6. Geralyn Reply:

    An asthma attack is when the narrowing bronchials close off and you are unable to breath. This is when the person has some difficulty breathing and will start to wheeze. Source:

  7. Miyoko Reply:

    Right before you have an asthma attack it feels like youre hyperventilating and you can feel your chest start to tighten up!!! and when you breath it feels like you cant get enough air into your lungs!!! and when you start having the attack you have a really hard time breathing!!! its just like trying to breath through a straw!!! and!!! for me, my asthma only acts up when I get a cold!!! never a sinus infection!!! I hope this helps!!!

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