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What does it mean when your breathing hard and your chest hurts?

Difficulty breathing and chest pain can signify a large range if illnesses from pneumonia, bronchitis, to asthma! See your doctor! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Casey Reply:

    While you shouldn't ignore any pain that occurs in your body, jumping to conclusions If you pulled the muscles in your left arm playing sports or carrying heavy objects, you You may also experience pain in your jaw, left shoulder, shortness of breath and a tightness in your chest. What Does Tingling in Left Arm Mean? Source:

  2. Susy Reply:

    Do you ever get a piercing pain in your chest, usually on your left side under your rib, which Chest pain that a person describes as a “heavy” feeling . cough with phlem, shortness of breath along with anxiety, what does that mean instead?

  3. Yolanda Reply:

    Heart problems that can cause chest pain: Angina is a type of heart-related chest pain. … What does it mean when your chest feels heavy when you breathe?

  4. Carlyn Reply:

    Bronchitis, is the main air passageways in your lungs (bronchial tubes) are inflamed, they often produce large amounts of mucus. Source:'s-hard-to-breathe%2C-what-could-be-wrong

  5. Hanh Reply:

    Chest pain could be the result of a heart attack, asthma, or anxiety. You should go see a doctor. Feel better! Source:

  6. Robbin Reply:

    If you have pain in your chest when you breathe you could have damage to a rib, pneumonia, or a cardiac issue. That’s just a few causes. To rule out something critical see a doctor right away. Source:

  7. Jacquelyn Reply:

    Stress! Seeing something shocking that causes you this much pain is just a buttload of stress! Valid reason?? Stress, guilt, and whatever other negative emotions this causes you – it all builds up and can manifest itself as physical pain, like the described!

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