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What will happen to you if you smoke?

Smoking can lead to emphysema and asthma! These are only two of the many consequences of smoking! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joel Reply:

    What Will Happen If You Smoke & Have Asthma?. Smoking tobacco is dangerous and the risk is increased for asthmatics who smoke. According to Source:

  2. China Reply: In addition to the health risks listed at the link above, smoking gives you bad breath and the smell clings to your hair and clothing. Nicotine stains your teeth and hands, and e

  3. Telma Reply:

    What happens to you if you smoke? It is very hazardous to your health and yes you will die, maybe a little sooner then all other people who will also die, your …

  4. Lianne Reply:

    Smoking nutmeg will produce a state not unlike low levels of MDMA. In high enough doses nutmeg can be a hallucinogen and will make you sleepy and unresponsive. People who are sensitive to it can become paranoid or nervous.You can find more … Source:

  5. Donnette Reply:

    Some people say you get a bad headaches and a scratchy throat. Some say you can start scratching like a cat. Basically not suggested to smoke. Source:

  6. Ferne Reply:

    Smoking period is not good for you whether it is legal or illegal. Smoking can cause you to have many types of cancers from mouth, throat, and lung cancer. Source:

  7. Royce Reply:

    nothing but make you have a smaller risk for cancer!

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