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Why do I get out of breath easily when i exercise?

You could be suffering from Asthma or a list of other lunge or heart problems!You should see your family Doctor to be safe! On! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Erna Reply:

    Not working on your stamina makes you get out of breath quickly, increases your risk for injuries and You can get stronger by mixing steady and high-tempo runs and Add variety to your training routine to keep your body challenged. Source:

  2. Stephnie Reply:

    Jan 20, 2012 that it doesn’t take very long for me to be completely out of breath and. Each individual has an optimal level at which they can exercise that

  3. Angelina Reply:

    Why do we get ''out of breath''when you exercise a lot? Answer It! … of exercise. For most years of their young life, they are very energetic and get bored easily.

  4. Branda Reply:

    Whenever I start with a new client, I tell them that there are three things of utmost importance: honesty, grace (presence) and breathing. With honesty I ask that they let me know when something feels wrong on their body and to be honest wi… Source:

  5. Salina Reply:

    Proper breathing during exercise is extremely important. Not only will you step up your fat burning by breathing in and out correctly, but you will feel better too. Follow these instructions to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Source:

  6. Doris Reply:

    Breathing properly means more than inhaling and exhaling, or delivering oxygen to the lungs and expelling carbon dioxide. Sure, we may breathe without much thought; but many of us are improperly breathing more than we think. Follow these st… Source:

  7. Clarisa Reply:

    You could have asthma! Sometimes it can cause you to get really out of breath without necessarily get wheezy! Also you could have some other respiratory disease like bronchitis if youve been sick lately or if youre a smoker or ever have been, it could be due to that!

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