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Why do my lungs burn?

Usually asthma is associated with burning lungs! again! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Agripina Reply:

    Burning lungs can also be a symptom of exercise-induced asthma, a condition that is triggered by How to Keep My Feet From Burning While Running. To keep Source:

  2. Tereasa Reply:

    i’m not sureif you’re talking about your lungs or heart becuase it sounds more like some angina pectoris (chest pain assoicated with the heart) try doing some kkind of deep breathing and see if it helps. its obviously not asthma due to the

  3. Denese Reply:

    Why do my lungs burn when I exercise? … In order to do this more efficiently, it's natural to breathe in and out through your mouth (rather than your nose) – your …

  4. Laurene Reply:

    If you hold them for three seconds each, you burn approximately 5 calories burn lunge depending on your weight. Source:

  5. Mandi Reply:

    Burning in your lungs, especially after strenuous exercise, could be a result of asthma. You should contact your doctor. Source:

  6. Kacey Reply:

    you may have bronchitis. Source:

  7. Rosalina Reply:

    it sounds like you are working so hard that your determinationis causing you to clinch your teeth! Maybe you can get a rubber mouthpiecelike boxers use and see if that helps relieve the pressure!

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