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Why is it hard to breathe when you have asthma?

If you have asthema, it is hard to breathe because your bronchioles swell up which restricts the amount of oxygen going into your lungs! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Joy Reply:

    You will feel as if you are out of breath and it's hard for you to exhale the air out of your lungs. This can be Chest tightness is typical when you have asthma. Source:

  2. Marlene Reply:

    But some people have a problem with something that you’d think would come naturally to When someone has asthma, it can make breathing very difficult.

  3. Valentina Reply:

    Why is breathing is difficult for people who have asthma? Why cant you breath when you have asthma? Beacuse your throat is blocked! Do people who …

  4. Cherie Reply:

    The warning signs of an asthma attack are pretty easy to spot and include: tightness in the chest, coughing, wheezing and restlessness while trying to sleep. Others have experienced itchiness on the face or head. Anyone who has had an asthm… Source:

  5. Henriette Reply:

    Make a diary or log of your asthma attacks and what you did and ate at those times. In many cases asthma attacks may be worsened or triggered by allergies. If you can note a pattern such as eating chocolate during most of your worst attacks… Source:

  6. Ethelyn Reply:

    Tobacco smoke is a major contributor to thousands of new cases of asthma each year. If you smoke quit and try to avoid exposure to second hand smoke if at all possible. Weather is another major trigger for asthma. When it is cold, rainy, hu… Source:

  7. Marguerita Reply:

    The human body really isnt designed to bend like that! I mean, it is!!! But its not meant to STAY like that for extended periods of time! This is why we walk on our feet not on all fours bent over! Think about were the lungs are inside your body! Now picture yourself doing a bridge and how irregular the path of air to your lungs is in that position! Youre probably just not getting the necessary amount of air to the lungs!

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