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Can adults have autism?

Autism is part of a group of disorders called autism spectrum disorders! This spectrum ranges from hardly noticable to severe impairment! Those who have it can outgrow some symptoms with therapy, but most of them still have it for life! Anyone male or female can have autism! Symptoms usually start showing very early on in life! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shelley Reply:

    Although autism is usually discovered by age three, in some cases adults can struggle through life, knowing something isn't right but unaware they have autism. Source:

  2. Dallas Reply:

    Feb 5, 2009 When adults have autism, it can create difficult challenges for everyone involved. Dealing with the condition often involves crucial decisions

  3. Coretta Reply:

    Basicly, autism is something you are born to have, not something that you could grow into. So, adult autism, means that a child with autism grows up and become an adult with autism. However, if you didn’t find out that you have autism until… Source:

  4. Taryn Reply:

    shyness, problems relating with spouse or significant others, troubles, focusing, overload on sensory issues, brilliance, will be doing your taxes, or fixing your computer! Answer Autism isn’t usually diagnosed until the child is 2 – 3 or m… Source:

  5. Mabel Reply:

    Teaching adults with autism can be both challenging and rewarding because the methods have to be adapted for each student. There is no perfect or generalized lesson you can use for autistic students. The learning difficulties of the autisti… Source:

  6. Christia Reply:

    What are the symptoms of autism in adults? Can autism initiate in teen years too? what is body rocking and hand flapping????

  7. Gail Reply:

    Autism is a psychiatric term and the diagnosis is the same whether you are an adult or child! If you fit the criteria then you are diagnosed as such! I am lucky my son got diagnosed at age 2! People who were not diagnosed as a kid, have to go through the same criteria- a professional to diagnosed you! You may be on the spectrum of the umbrella called PDD which is a Pervasive Development Disorder that branches off Autism and Asperger (which many people call High Functioning Autism! Most kids who are able to cope in society and function at your level (if you are) are considered Asperger or PDD NOS which is you have Autism characteristics but undetermined! Try the istes listed below and if you want to talk more connect to me at Yahoo360! Good Luck!

  8. Cammy Reply:

    Yes adults can have symptoms of autism. In more severe types of autism, such as low functioning autism, the symptoms and characteristics are usually lifelong

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