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How does a person get autism?

The exact cause of autism isn’t known, but research points to genetics (heredity), certain infections, and problems at birth! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jeneva Reply:

    Briinlalce for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

  2. Benita Reply:

    You have a family member, friend or love with Aspergers, and you don't Not understanding the motives of a person with Aspergers/autism does not mean that Source:

  3. Claribel Reply:

    You may know someone who has it — a younger brother, a friend’s sibling, or even a kid in your class at school. So what is autism? How does someone get it?

  4. Drew Reply:

    After the first person. Source:

  5. Bette Reply:

    Autism has a genetic component, so people can be born with it. Others are born with a susceptibility to autism that is probably triggered by an environmental factor. So, there are newborns with autism. Usually, autism is not diagnosed until… Source:

  6. Dierdre Reply:

    Autism does not directly affect the life expectancy of a person with autism. That person can have a normal lifespan. However, autism can increase the chances of suffering from depression, which could increase the chance of suicide. A: No, t… Source:

  7. Cari Reply:

    What is the difference between a you can please include pictures brain of a person with Autism? I need to know for Autism and a person without a project in school if i looked

  8. Isabelle Reply:

    I think it depends if they can keep up a job! Thats good that you had a job since you were 17! Thats great! Ive been working since I was in high school and Im still working there! At some point, a person with autism (depending on the kind they have, wont be able to keep a job as well as others, sorry, but that what I heard!My 17 year old cousin has SSI due to cerebral palsy and AD/HD, and she wants to work, but her parents (my aunt and uncle) wont let her! She REALLY wants to work, but they said that if she gets a job or whatever, shell lose her money and they dont want that to happen! She envys me because I have a disability and Ive got a job! Ive been working and I dont need SSI, because Im capable to work! Im not trying to make her feel dumb!They say she should go volunteer work instead! She thinks theyre being unfair and wrong about that!

  9. Laurene Reply:

    Even if they don't show all of these symptoms, they might still be autistic. If you think someone you know might be autistic, you should get them diagnosed by a

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