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How does autism affect a person?

Autism is a brain disorder that often makes it hard to communicate with and relate to others! People with autism have some core symptoms in the areas of social interactions and relationships, and verbal and nonverbal communication! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Coralie Reply:

    an autistic child. Reducing the family income can affect every aspect of family living. Distress can cause the autistic person to act out physically and verbally. Source:

  2. Phyllis Reply:

    Autism affects the functioning of the brain impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. An individual with autism has difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication, social i

  3. Lilia Reply:

    Social Invitations May Stop When a family has a child with autism one of the first things parents may notice is that invitations for social gatherings stop coming. Friends without children, or who have children without special needs, tend t… Source:

  4. Genoveva Reply:

    Approximately 1 in 150 children are diagnosed annually with a form of autism. There are many degrees of autism. My son is autistic but he’s high functioning. This means he speaks, can read and write, and has very few behavior issues. He is … Source:

  5. Vincenza Reply:

    Autistic brains have been known to have enlargement of certain brain portions. Studies have shown that during a specific time after birth the brains of those with autism are larger. To find more information click here: http://autism.about.c… Source:

  6. Debbra Reply:

    What is the difference between a you can please include pictures brain of a person with Autism? I need to know for Autism and a person without a project in school if i looked

  7. Terry Reply:

    NASA is full of people on the autistic spectrum! There are mild to severe cases!!! most people with forms of autism are able to function in society, but they are viewed as different or weird! If you watch the show Bones on tv, the character Zach is a good example! The character bones is a good example but to a lesser degree! There is a character on Big Bang Theory that also has characteristics of a form of autism called Aspergers! They generally do not make eye contact, are not comfortable being touched!!! may not be able to handle loud music or noises and are socially awkward! They may rock back and forth or perform other repetitive movements for comfort! Some people that are autistic are geniuses!!! but, they can fall anywhere along the IQ scale from genius to retarded! They can easily become fixated on something they are working on and lose all concept of time! They do not react well to change! They like to have a set schedule and it can mess up their whole day if something happens to change their schedule! There are coping skills they can be taught to help them fit in better with society!

  8. Nidia Reply:

    Autism is STILL classified as a spectrum disorder. Meaning you can be significantly affected or be affected very little by it. People with "high functioning" autism

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