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How does someone know if they have autism?

Autism is usually diagnosed when a child is between 1 and 4 years old! There are no medical tests for autism, although doctors may run various tests to rule out other possible conditions! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Teofila Reply:

    Knowing this will enable you to do three things: 1) When s/he says or does Not understanding the motives of a person with Aspergers/autism does not mean that Accept that if s/he says ''I need help with ___'', that is what they need help Source:

  2. Alvera Reply:

    Kids who have autism usually keep to themselves and many can’t They also may react to what’s going on around them in unusual ways. For example, when someone smiles, you know the smiling person is happy or being friendly. Imagine trying to understand what your mom is saying if you didn’t know what her

  3. Belkis Reply:

    Ask to hold hands. Some people with autism are subject to high anxiety, and holding hands without asking can make them nervous or anxious. Phone your date the next day, regardless of gender roles. Some individuals with autism may be too shy… Source:

  4. Caroyln Reply:

    Autism is a mental disorder that has affected many families nationwide. If you have dealt with autism one way or another then you know that communicating with an autistic child can be challenging. Every child is different, but there are sti… Source:

  5. Roberto Reply:

    Caring for someone with autism can be a real challenge, since there is no cure, nor any universal treatment program that works consistently for people with this disability. The effects of autism, a bio-neurological disorder that affects one… Source:

  6. Antonetta Reply:

    is autism inherited? if one child is born with autism, will the next be likely to also have autism?

  7. Gabriel Reply:

    yea the main symptoms of autism are repetitive behavior,unusual social development and odd communication

  8. Shanda Reply:

    Even if they don't show all of these symptoms, they might still be autistic. If you think someone you know might be autistic, you should get them diagnosed by a

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